Life is Divine


Today, as you returned to your body from sleeping and dreaming, did you recognize the moment of your return? Did you feel your body and notice the wonder of its beauty? Do you understand the gift of this life?

Meditation, sleeping, dreaming, are all places where you can indeed contact the stars and expand. And they have a wonderful purpose.

Being here on this earth in a human body is the highest gift you have ever given yourself. For within the experience lives the Divine Romance and Sacred Union, that the eternal lover inside wishes for. The stars shine their light into your eyes, and into your heart. The roses emit their intoxicating fragrance for you to inhale. The corn grows its golden stalks and kernels for your nourishment.

Your body is a miracle of love, and no other place in the universe can you enjoy so much through your senses. No other place can you touch another with compassion and caring through your hands. No other place can you feel the warmth of the sun or the cool of the night in this particular way...through your skin. No other place can you savor the juice of an orange as it rolls down your chin and lights up all of your taste buds.

And no other place can you embody the heart of the Divine, as you can, here, on this earth.

You chose to be here, to live and feel and cry and laugh. And you chose to learn all you could about love.

So love eating the orange and feeling the chill of the night. Love all the chances you have to laugh with your friends and cry with their sadness. Love yourself as the Divine Union that you are.

For through your life in the body, you are loving the eternal One. The energy of every star and every universe and every dream is you, here, right now.

Loving the life you have is a good path to remembering the light that you are. Your physical senses are the doorways and gateways that Great Spirit communicates through.

When you smile at someone, your face is the face of the Divine. When you touch another with love, your hands become passageways for love and healing. When you wake up in the morning, and breathe, it is Divine breath moving through and from your lungs.

Today as you read these words, be reminded of the Divine opportunity you have. Do not waste this gift, by simply forgetting that your human life is of value. Without it, meditation, dreaming and sleeping would not be. When you dream and meditate and tap into the many universes, you return to your body, and bring all of that with you. Wisdom and love flows like a river, and your life, your body, is the perfect channel.

Do something special for yourself today... appreciate your life. It is a wondrous celestial event.