Be alone…be IN wonder

Be yourself

Be alone…be ALL ONE

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, what is the difference, really? Is it the name of the day that makes it different? Is it society's imprint that has created a dictatorship of what is appropriate behavior for the day? And by this we mean, not just the human behavior of the day but the energy imprint of expectation for any given day. And this day, this very moment that you are reading this, IS every day and every day IS eternity.

The physical body is energy "holding" a certain form that appears to the human eyes as a solid field--a solid mass. Within the outer solid mass are internal organs and blood streams and lymphatic streams and a whole universe of goings on, that for the most part you are never ever totally aware of. It just is..isn't it? And you grew up somehow knowing that, already realizing that, and your parents before you and their parents before them, accepted that as was what it was.

On a deep subconscious level, each one that incarnates into a human form understands that their body, their physical form, is a universe unto itself. As it is a part of God, it is perfect, for it is energy vibrating, just as the soul/spirit is energy vibrating. The body is energy be-ing itself in this current dimension. Dis-ease is simply energy in one of its myriad of forms, and in the 3rd dimension all forms have been given a certain name..which also holds a certain vibration. In truth, all Dis-ease is perfect, for it is a creation, of God. There is nothing wrong with or negative about Dis-ease. The mind perceives it as an abhorrent imbalance and that it must be done away with posthaste.

As the human form evolves into its next expression of energy, so too, do all the fields of "mass" that are a part of what is a human right now. The skin, heart, pancreas, the eyes, mouth and toes are evolving. And so is every energy that has the label of Dis-ease. Evolution means just what it implies…spinning, moving, changing shape, and becoming something new. As many of the sea's inhabitants on earth evolved over the years, they have adapted haven't they, to the conditions that were present, to the energy fields that simply were. Some grew wings, some grew legs, and some seemingly disappeared.

But ponder this..the animals that disappeared, or have become extinct, could they have re-emerged as a new species of flower, or a new species of tree? Consider the possibility that in the evolution of nature, the energy that once was, simply has already now evolved into its next expression and may have a completely different outer appearance than it once had. And that this has occurred because evolution will not be stopped, cannot be stopped and has a rhythm and life just as real as the air you breathe and the water you drink.

As each of you, realize the light and the energy that you are, every experience that you are experiencing, from Dis-ease to joy, to rain on your face, is being assisted in its evolutionary process. There is neither good nor bad, negative or positive, only energy in a certain form or state of motion.


Who knows, the energy that is called cancer could right now be evolving into a human telepathic ability. Perhaps warts are evolving into a new color of human hair. Consider that there is nothing to be "healed", there is only energy, to be naturally assisted and supported as it evolves. The entire organism that you consider to be yourself, which includes your mind, body, spirit and emotions, is an energetic "form" that is evolving. Every part of "you" is in flux. "Death" itself, is an evolution of energy fields from one state of being to another.

Evolution is a grand and glorious word, and one to not be taken lightly.. Every day is a new choice for you. And now is the time to open and expand your awareness to include the many possibilities that are a part of you. You, who you are, cannot be contained or locked into anything. And you never will be unless you choose it to be so. And even then, at some point, there will come an experience of "discomfort" on some level or another. When a chick hatches from the egg, when that moment of birth occurs, the shell has become much too small and the chick stretches and pecks their way out.

So go outside today and smile at the sun, hug a tree and feel the grass under your feet. Lie back and bathe in the miracle that is life, which includes you. You are an active and very important part of all that you see. Consider that YOU are evolution, having a great time.

You were made in the image of God.

Peace to you…….