I am stepping into a new arena..I have never before received information, which FELT prophetic, but something different happened on November 15th. It originated in my awareness in the sleeping Dreamtime, and continued when I was "awake" with words booming inside of my inner hearing, unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have sat with this for days wondering what to do and I know I must share this. There are times in life when we are compelled from within, to go "Out on a limb".

In the "Dream", I was witnessing a huge hall filled with many people, and there was an air of great anticipation. There were ropes, like you see in a movie theatre, keeping the throngs from being too close to the door. By the dress of the people I knew that what I was witnessing was occurring in the present day or not too far in the future. The energy was charged and some people were crying. I could see that it was night, as the wall I was facing had large glass windows, as well as a door. I seemed to be floating above and behind the huge gathering.


Then the door opened and a man walked in, followed/surrounded by 5 or 6 men, dressed in plain suits. People began to scream and call to him. He was dressed in a white robe, with long brown hair and appeared to be Jesus. He walked towards the people and moved amongst them as many fell to their knees, weeping with joy. He was being mobbed, but his "guards" only let a few touch him, as hundreds of hands reached out to the opportunity.

Suddenly a wave of ominous energy went right through me, and I knew that this man was not Jesus. No one else there seemed to feel this and I immediately woke from the Dream, hearing these words, which I quickly wrote down.--


There will be One, a man who will come from the sky in a bright ship. He will appear as Jesus-many will be entranced for they have been waiting for his return as was promised. Do not be misled by the imposter- Turn away from the glamorous lights for he is using the Old image of Christ as his lure.

He is appealing to the "image" of Christ that is so locked into the mass human consciousness. Look away for it is a ploy-- a lure-- He is a false God. Be aware for he is coming soon.

He will speak of redemption and saving mankind, but there will be conditions. The True Christ has no conditions to be met.