Life Is Movement

Physical life is a dance. It began the moment we created ourselves--as well as from the moment we emerged from the womb. All of our experiences and every thought originate from the primary " idea" of movement. Life is never stagnant or still. Yes, most certainly, there are many precious moments when entry into "stillness" is most beneficial, but when we enter into that space, we do so, already flowing within the constant rhythm of who we are.

From the very second we are born, we are observing, kicking, stretching, reaching and touching. To observe a baby is to witness and remember our own tentative and yet initiatory beginnings, here on this planet, in the human form. As we physically grow older, we begin to explore the environment and use all of our senses to guide, teach and stimulate ourselves.

Our hands reach out to everything, and our limbs seem to come to life overnight as we crawl, walk, climb and then run. Our physical body is perfectly designed to facilitate all of the experiences of life. As we explore the world around us, as our arms and legs reveal their potential, so too, does our mind and soul. As our eyes drink in the colors and the sights, we find our favorites, and thus we find ourselves. Our brain, which still remains a mystery, is to me, an amazing antenna, capable of communication with the atom as well as the most distant galaxies. And then on top of that, it deciphers or translates all of this input, regulating the life current that flows within our cells. As we grow, each day, our brain or our mind is continually stimulated and enhanced. And it seems that the more it is used, or utilized, the more it is capable of.

As we mature and become increasingly aware of the vastness of the world and the universe around us, we are driven to explore and move, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. For it is our nature. Around every corner, and down every street, lies newness and learning, either from the physical surroundings or the people you encounter. Everything in our world is changing, as even our day to day surroundings are in a constant state of movement. You and I are energy--life--simply holding and being this present physical form ,for that is the appropriate garb at this moment, in this lifetime. If this was the year 2999, our physical form would be very different. What do you envision the form to be?

Sometimes when I am outside, I am swept up in noticing...simply noticing, the life that is everywhere around us. In springtime, the color of green on the trees can change dramatically in a single day. Suddenly the daffodils are bright and yellow and the lilac bush is bursting with its purple fragrance. Where I live now, I look out upon trees and beautiful foliage and have as my daily companion, a beautiful fat groundhog. I watch him as he grazes and walks, noticing how he is totally into being what and who he is.

We are born with amazing senses, and each one allows us to dance or play with all see it, to feel it, to touch it, to smell it, to hear it. There is such amazing synchronicity, as we open every part of ourselves and observe the movement all around us. If the music that you hear makes you want to move, then move--for all of our cells are constantly growing and shifting and in a state of creation, and re-creation. It goes against our very nature to sit still all the time. The blood in our veins has a driving force behind it, our heart. And with each beat of that miraculous muscle, we enjoy the greatest movement of all. The breath we take, without even thinking, circulates, refreshes and purifies. At this very moment, while you read, you may be shifting in your seat, your hair may be moving from the quiet silence of a breeze, you may be listening to music, or you may be feeling the warmth of the sun upon your back.

The enjoyment of life lives within the willingness to recognize and flow with the nature of all things, including yourself. So the next time you feel like skipping or dancing, or humming a tune, do it. For the music and the song you are expressing is life...your very special life....and it wants and needs to be expressed. For in the expression is growth and change, and that is who and what we are. We ARE all of life, from the trees, to the stars. The current of energy that runs through the groundhog is that which runs through me, and through you. In creations heart, the creator is choosing to experience all of itself through billion's of wondrous forms---Through you and me, through the pains, happiness' and victories----through the hugs, kisses and tears---through the running, dancing and swimming---through the wars, torments and councils---through the light, love and prayers.

I invite you to jump heart-first into the Divine Dance---May you find the very special rhythm that is YOU and YOUR LIFE!