Life Journey

Zeit, a beloved companion, made his transition in 2002, and visits me frequently in



 I entered this world, in July 1952. My experiences within this life have been varied and most amazing. As a child I conversed with ants and trees and loved to lie on the earth and stare into the sky, wondering if beyond, or even possibly within the clouds that I could see, were other wonderful worlds and places. Whenever someone would send a postcard to any of us in the family, I was ecstatic, for here was an actual photo and a card that came from another place on the earth that made it all the way to Connecticut. My outlook or perception of life has always been very global and I would even say, universal.

As a child, I loved to roller skate, ride my bike, play hopscotch, jump rope and make snow angels in the winter. Near my childhood home were some great woods and I loved walking within them and feeling or sensing that Native Americans had once walked there as well. Reading, was, and still is, a passion of mine and my parents encouraged it. The local library is still one of my very favorite places. I adore the ocean, lakes and is vital to my well being-- along with music. I was raised a Catholic and loved hearing about the saints and simply adored Jesus and his mother Mary. I felt closeness with each of them in a very personal way. Looking back on it, I know I entered this life with my personal relationship with God already securely in place.


There were many alone moments, because I felt so different from practically everyone I met. I simply didnít understand violence in any form, and why people could deliberately hurt each other, was beyond my comprehension. I experienced some personally painful times as well, but I was always consoled by "something" that came from somewhere within. Physical hugs or consolation was not always available for me and so I went inward to find peace. Sometimes that "inward something" was energy or a feeling, sometimes an inner loving voice and sometimes wonderful, ever present, nature. I consistently experienced an inner vision during my saddest and loneliest times. The vision was of a rainy sky and many clouds..and then the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared. I can't even fully express how that vision kept me going. It gave me hope and made me smile.

I liked school for the most part, and attended a Catholic High School. Mathematics was my most challenging subject and English was my favorite.

While in my teens, my brother and I experimented with the Ouija board, a gift from our dad's mother, and we always made contact with "passing" spirits. I seemed to just know that we never really die and just go on to another place or time. For a good year or so, around the time of my confirmation, I wanted to become a nun, and that desire faded after quite a while. I often saw forms and lights around people and thought nothing strange was happening when I saw or felt unseen people around me..and discovered quickly that not everyone had the same experiences as me. So I kept these moments to myself. I had an experience when I was 12 of seeing a ship or UFO, near my home in Connecticut, and when I lived in Sedona also experienced some interesting sightings.

After high school I went to Nursing school and worked for many years as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I enjoyed that very much for I love interacting with people and it was a powerful time of personal fulfillment and learning more and more about people, myself, and the overall Human experience. I was led/guided to another great experience and attended Massage Therapy school, in the early 90's. For a few years I worked both as a nurse and Massage therapist and that is when my natural spiritual/psychic gifts really began to blossom, and at times erupted--I was ready to know and understand more. And more than was time.

During the late 80's early 90's, I took classes in Spiritual development and joined a Christian Spiritual church, where I gave lectures and served as a message bearer, and hands on healer as well. I can still remember my first time, in front of a group of people, giving messages. Feeling scared and vulnerable, I stood there and trusted God, like never before. I "thought" I was to be a minister at that church when life took me off to Sedona, Arizona, in 1993.

Being in Sedona, and away from New England, broadened me in so many ways. First of all, I was honored to be "called" to such Sacred Ground and simply loved living in the southwest. I was now exposed to a wide variety of topics that just weren't widely talked about in Connecticut (at that time), and it helped me to gain a better perspective of myself. From childhood, I always had a hard time understanding the man made rules of the Catholic Church, and of most organized religion for that matter...for I always just knew that we are all loved, and I didnít have to go to church to be with God. All I had to do was go sit with a tree, hug a cat or dog, or really listen to the birds singing, and there was God. I did always enjoy the ritual of the Christian mass however, especially when there was incense involved!

As my personal inner awareness continued to expand, my always present relationship with God, grew by leaps and bounds.

In October 1993, I went to the Lake Shrine, one of Paramhamsa Yogananda's temples in California. The energies there touched my heart so deeply, it cannot be expressed in words. In January 1994, the pull to return to California was strong, and so I traveled to my friend's home in Northridge, with resumes in hand as well. I felt I might move there and wanted to investigate that possibility.

Well as it turned out, my soul got me there just in time for the Northridge earthquake. I was not hurt physically, but a couple weeks later, when I was back in Sedona, I became very very ill with viral pneumonia. That time was a marker for a whole new way of life for me, as through that energy, I experienced a soul braid of a higher dimensional aspect of myself. Many health experiences presented themselves over the next few years and this body walks with some of them today. But more than that, it was the start of a new relationship within my self and the living of my spirituality here on Earth.

I began to write articles, which beginning in 1993, were printed in the monthly magazine, The Sedona Journal of Emergence. When I write, the inspired words emerge from a place that is within me, the place of my God/Christ nature that is beyond my ego. I just get out of the way, to the best of my ability, and allow the words and the energies to flow.

After 18 months in Arizona, life moved me to the Boulder, Colorado area for another year and a half, where I loved being close to the Rocky Mountains, and all the beautiful eagles, and prairie dogs in the area. I worked as a nurse while I lived in Arizona and Colorado, and during those years, from 1993-1996, my abilities as a messenger of healing energies from the Christ within, continued to evolve. I also was blessed to re-join with some of my spiritual family, and we continue to be a part of each other's life.

I returned to Connecticut in 1996 and began another chapter in the journey by diving headfirst into the world of shamanism. I was called to a teacher by a vision, and I learned, remembered, healed and expanded, owning that part of my true self. I remembered other lives as a shaman, and experienced many forms of shamanism-Native American, Tibetan, Hawaiian and Peruvian. I am so very grateful to my soul for guiding me to this powerful experience, for it was the perfect path for my personal healing/awakening.

Through the years I have touched into many ways or paths to God in this life, as if exploring all the paths to God that we as humans have walked and continue to walk. And I have found God in each one, for truly, ALL paths lead us HOME.

I responded to another inner calling and became an ordained minister within the Order of Melchizedek, as well as a minister of the Church of the Golden Age in Sedona. Reiki called me as well and I am now attuned to Reiki level 3.

And in 2001, again had the opportunity to travel once again to California. This time I visited more of Yogananda's temples, including Encinitas, and Mt. Washington, as well as his crypt at Forest Lawn.

I have experienced Hawaii and Mt. Shasta, Pakistan and Paris-taken a cruise to the Caribbean islands, as well as visited quite a few of these United States. I have joyfully cried within the hug of Ammachi. I recall a very mystical experience when I was in High school. While on a retreat, we had the chance to step up onto the altar where Mass was held. I remember feeling as if everything dropped away from me and when I stepped down from the altar, I was suddenly surrounded by a Golden light that only I seemed to see and I heard no sounds of the group I was with..just a sound that I can only describe as God. I have experienced a sweat lodge and fire circle. My path of life experience has included, facilitating group meditation, and drum circles, speaking at two conference's, and giving "readings" or to use the term I prefer, spiritual counseling.

I love to just get in the car and go with no particular destination in mind. When I was a young child, my dream for my life was to travel and meet people all over the world. I never cared about having my own house or lots of money in the bank. And I was consciously aware, at a very young age that I did not want to bear any children in this life, which was very different from most of the other girls that I was in contact with through school etc. Somehow, I knew that this life, this time, was for a Purpose all its own, even though I could not tell you what that purpose was. 

Whenever I leave this earth, this body, this form, I will move on, content and at peace, for I have always followed my heart, and learned to allow God to be the Driver. There have been times of pain, both physical and emotional, and I remain grateful and in love with every experience, for were it not for them, I would not be who and what I am in this moment. For within, and waiting to be experienced, is exquisite bliss. The lotus unfolds, continually.

I am living in Connecticut and continue to flow with each day, each moment, For each day is truly a new adventure and I thank God for the blessings I continue to be privileged to receive and share.

Peace and love to us all

With a humble and grateful heart,