The Straight Path 


††††††††† My relations, I am your Grandmother Turtle. 

I come to you today at our Creators bidding

to share the little bit of Wisdom that I have

concerning the Road of Spirit.

Grandmother is very patient.

Her steps she understands before she takes them.

Grandmother carries the responsibility of Nations.

Therefore, Grandmotherís steps are the Wisdom Steps.

The Straight Path is the Path of the Heart

that rejoices in honoring Creator,

and in honoring all Life.It is the Path of Respect.


††††††††† Long ago, Grandmother learned to respect All That Is.She bears great burdens for your people.Even when you plow into her skin, or dig into her flesh, she does not shake your shells, but has patience. 

††††††††† The Straight Path to Spirit is the Path of Giveaway.The Straight Path is the path of knowing yourself and then sharing who you are.  

††††††††† The Turtle Nation is very busy praying, and busy holding pure concepts of Wisdom for All Relations. In her patience, Grandmother Turtle prays for every living being, remembering each concern, and every desire of the Heart.Through Grandmothers slowness, the velocities of Light accelerate your own growth.For Grandmother knows that the Straight Path is the Within Path. 

††††††††† Grandmother holds the space of Peace and Stillness for human being.If it were not for Grandmotherís prayers and Silence, human being would not be able to hold their form.Grandmother wants human peoples to learn to still themselves inside. 

††††††††† Grandmother sees her human children running around doing this and that, all the time being so busy about things which are other than the True Path.Grandmother may walk slowly, yet Grandmotherís steps are sure upon the Path of Life. 

††††††††† Human peoples must learn to step each step upon that path.This is what it means to be aligned with Creator.In times past and even in this present hour, most human beings, make but one step forward on their Sacred Path in a Moon or a year.


††††††††† Whereas, their little ones walk miles in Spirit in a single day.Grandmother knows that the human peoples have forgotten how to be young.Grandmother prays for all human beings to remember the Wonder of Life and Communion with Spirit. 

††††††††† It is called Union with Spirit, this Walk of Truth: it is the Straight Path.It is a path of having an ear to Spirit and an ear to our Mother Earth.Human being must learn not to be distracted by the flashing busyness of their days.Grandmother knows that they grow best when they pay attention to the Light, Love, and the Peaceful Path of their ďevery moment walk.Ē 

††††††††† Human beings may call upon Grandmother Turtle.She will teach them how to go within their shell and to rest in the silence in our Cosmic Motherís Womb.There, Grandmother will come to them and teach them to be still, think properly, and Pray in a Good Way. 

††††††††† There are four corridors of the Walk upon the Silent Path.These are secrets of Grandmother.If you wish to find the True Silence, call upon me and walk these four paths. 

††††††††† The first Corridor of the Silence Path is to go within the Earth.It is to go into the Heart of our Mother and to bathe in the healing Light of Her Love.Grandmother will take you there. 

††††††††† The second Corridor is the Great Silence, the Cosmic Ocean.Grandmother will take you to that Sacred Place where you will know yourself as a part of everything

††††††††† The third Corridor of the Sacred Silence is the Heart of Creator.It is that place of the Great Fire Spirit known as Great Central Sun.Ask Grandmother.She will take you unto the bosom of our Father. 

††††††††† The fourth Corridor of the Mystery Silence is that place beyond time where the Councils of the Grandfathers meet.Grandmother Turtle, with her head bowed, will carry you there to meet your Sacred Future. 

††††††††† Creator has asked Grandmother Turtle to share just her little bit of Wisdom.She has shared her most precious gift. The Within Silence Ways.Grandmother invites human being to come, to learn, and to be at Peace.

Chief Golden Eagle
Mitakuye Oyasin
Sungdeska Sapa Itancan