Thoughts about Rainbows

The Webster's Dictionary definition of rainbow is....

1.An arc or circle that exhibits in concentric bands the colors of the spectrum and that is formed opposite the sun by the refraction of the sun's rays in raindrops, spray, or mist

2.a multi -colored array

3.a wide assortment or range


4.(From the impossibility of reaching the rainbow, at whose foot a pot of gold is said to be buried) an illusory goal or hope.

As I have been putting the finishing touches on this energetic compilation, I started reflecting on what a rainbow is, and how I, as well as everyone else, seem to get so happy when they see one. When we witness the emergence of such sparkling and magnificent colors, in the sky, it seems like pure magic. It causes us to look upwards into the heavens, and for a few moments, you are lost in the beauty. All your cares seem to melt away, and you feel uplifted, and refreshed, and I believe the child in us all, starts clapping, and jumping up and down, from sheer delight.

They are created from the passing of light, into the streams and molecules of water, and are a natural phenomenon. We don't have to work at making one, or even think about it. It just is, and it is accessible to everyone, everywhere on this planet. It is a reflection of the colors that are already present, even in the smallest particle. And they are so big, and wondrous! They traverse the sky, unencumbered, reaching and cascading into the earth, or the water, and we always wonder, just where are they touching down.

They curve, in arcs and circles, and are sometimes seen as complete circles, or even double bands of color. We ooh, and ah, and make such wonderful sounds with our voice, as an expression of our emotion. Our bodies react, arms stretching, to point the way to the rainbow, to make sure everyone else sees it too. For this is pure joy and it wants to be shared.

As the sun shines, after the rain, and sometimes through the rain, a rainbow is something you can count on, and something you look for, hoping you will catch even a tiny glimpse. For they indeed possess energy, that is captivating, and inspiring.

A rainbow, is many rays of color, within one form, just as we, are many colors, as demonstrated by our skin tones, as well as our own chakra system. Hmmm, I just had an interesting thought. Our very cells, which make up our physical form, consist of mostly water. And so, could it be, that as more and more divine light, emerges from within every cell, it is creating rainbows, inside our own bodies?

And we all remember The Wizard of Oz's, Dorothy, and her vision of hope that somewhere, over the rainbow, dreams came true. As she journeyed, she met some new friends, who were also searching, and so they joined together. As a group, they assisted each other, and were able to overcome every obstacle that they encountered. Triumphantly they returned to the sanctuary, where their desired gifts, were to be given to each of them. And there, it was revealed that the entity that had limitless power was actually, just the same as them. Then, with assistance from her guardian angel or perhaps her Higher Self, Dorothy realized that she had not misplaced what she had been searching for, because it was there all along. And indeed, she re-discovered, HOME.

The Native Americans have a prophesy of the emergence of those they call the Rainbow Tribe. These "warriors", will be male and female, from every land, and every walk of life. They are of every race and color, and they carry within, the ability to create, as well as live, in peace with each other and with the earth. Could it be that we are witnesses and indeed very willing participants of this prophecy? I Believe it to be True.

I feel that step by step, and day by day, we are each, actively involved, in the re-creation of our world, as we realize our own unique potential. And I truly believe that the primary component and creator of Ascension, is each one of us, shifting, and transforming, from the inside out, thereby becoming greater expressions and vehicles of love. And the prophesy of the second coming of Christ, is I believe, already in process, through each of us, as we integrate more light, more love, and then utilize that loving energy, within our every day lives.

And so, in parting, I wish you, many glorious rainbows, as you walk this earth, and live each day. And if your heart sings, in a new way, when you see one, maybe it's because it is reminding you, of yourself.


In Love and Light.............Christine