The Healing Book

Every night before I sleep, I send prayers of light, love and healing. And I know that there are many of us that send prayer intentions on a regular basis. I have created this page, where names of people or places that anyone wishes to have prayers/light sent to, will be listed.

All you have to do is send me an E-mail, with Healing Book as the subject, and I will then transfer what you have sent onto this page. Please include first names only, to respect everyone's privacy and the person's location if desired, as well as what the prayer request is for. Your intuition will guide you. I only ask that for the sake of space, please keep it as brief as possible.


Every year, I update the list by keeping just 1 year of prayers listed. The reasons for the prayers from years past are in the past and releasing the past..what once was, opens space for our awareness to be within the present.


I envision this page as an inter-active prayer site, where YOU (and I) can come to this page and actively send healing light/prayer to ALL listed. We are very powerful and together we can make a difference. The prayers sent, will be directed to the persons (or the place) higher self or angels, and they will direct the energies in the perfect way, for Holy Spirit knows what will best serve each one. Just imagine what will happen as we gather together with love as our intention. ONE HEART can and does make a difference...Let us unite in prayer for each other.



Carleigh R. 5 yrs. old, my granddaughter who has neuroblastoma cancer in her neck, which has come back twice. We pray she will remain "cancer free".


Dilip, ahmedabad (Gujarat), India.

God bless you.








Charles and Shirley, Alexandria Va ---Healing for Charles for Inflammation and swelling in Legs and Shirley for Nerve Pain in the Legs from being a diabetic




Let us envision truth, light and love surrounding and enfolding the areas of recent earth changes…Haiti, Chile..and this includes the earth, the animals and all wildlife,  and the people



First Name is Gigi
Location Irvine, CA USA
Prayer request is spiritual direction path to self, whole self, creative energy holistic healing of mind body and spirit as one. Living fully aspiring awakening understanding to my Soul Purpose.  My unique way to give back to the Divine One.  Bless you.



Mrs. Hasina A. (age 41) from Dhaka, Bangladesh, has long been suffering from an acute syndrome of "auto Immune disease" (Wegners Granulomatosis). So, you are requested to kindly let her name be announced in your prayer or any other discussions, so that your people can bring her in their prayer. I am confident that  where  great  numbers  of  people raise their hand to Allah, one hand may be granted.


Swapnil-Ahmedabad—out of work..please pray for a new job and Mental Peace
Shreya –Bavnagar---For strength , stamina and clear guidance so I can help my friend