Dreaming, Creation, Energy and You



This day begins as any other day. The sun reveals itself to your eyes and the land, your heart and the sky. As the day progresses, the stars will reveal themselves to your eyes, your heart and your land. This day appears to have a beginning and an end as you play the game before you, in the sunlight and the glow of the stars. The space that is called sleep and Dreamtime appears to be the bridge that connects one aspect of day to another.

The sleeping time, is certainly one that has been written about and searched within, for all of its possible meanings and all of the possible benefits, which it may contain.

In many earth indigenous cultures the Dreamtime is spoken of as the "real world". In western cultures, the Dreamtime is looked upon or beheld, with reverence, questioning, mystery, and for some, disdain. In any event, Dreaming holds a mystery all its own in the human life.

Dreaming itself is active, as opposed to passive. When you wake from sleep and remember some or part of your dreams, some are vivid, some are frightening, some are revealing, some are prophetic, some are wonderful in every way. And when you lie down to sleep, for some, there is a great anticipation of what they will dream of, while for others, there is dread. Some do not care for the loss of control that they imagine is happening, because they are no longer in the body, or at least not consciously aware of the body.

There have been many books written about dreaming, the Dreamtime, out of body travels and the magic and mystery of what indeed happens when you close your eyes and shift your awareness. What indeed are dreams? We will return to this....

Life as you have known it during your current lifetime, is one of much change. And the change is and has been fast, at least, as it can be perceived in terms of speed or time. There is much that once was, that contains threads that are spilling over into the present/future of every moment, simply because those that are alive hold the threads within their physical form. As the elders of the world leave the body, those threads that THEY wove into the fabric of creation, will be released and dissolve into essence of light, to be woven once more by those in the physical form. It becomes usable energy for that which is in form.

Just as the physical form becomes one with the earth, upon "death", so too, does the essence of human creative energy become ONE with all living lifestreams upon the planet..and that includes, animal, plants, etc, as well as the human life. Creation IS..Energy IS...Light IS...Love IS.

The religions, the life practices, the day to day existence of the medieval times upon earth, for example, are no longer expressed, or active, simply because the people who were alive then, are not today. Well, wait one minute you might be saying, what about re-incarnation. And we will say to you that within the multiple layers of existence, that which is perceived of as past lives and such, is you, experiencing multiple streams of your own consciousness. Within the constructs of multiple/past lives exists the current of "everything happening at once". Energy simply IS, and you are at a point of remembering that YOU have been playing with its possibilities in many many ways. Just as there truly is no Good or Bad within Energy itself, every life you have chosen to lead, or experience, is simply one of Energy's potential possibilities. The labels of Good or Bad, Light or Dark, have evolved from the human mind, as Energy has been experienced in the third dimension. The concept of Time, or past lives is the Human mind attempting to understand the overlapping multiplicity of what CREATION is.

As the third dimension evolves into its next expression, it does so through aspects of the ONE that are currently in the third dimensional form- the present human body and all of its attributes. A past life or history in general, is YOU as energy, experiencing energy in one of many multiple streams of existence. As the energy of NOW and the moment take deeper hold within your awareness, your memories of the "past" and even the future will fade. All is collapsing into a ONE moment. The separation that you have experienced in many ways in many "lifetimes" of Experience simply is ceasing to be.


As you remember that all is happening in ONE moment, history itself will cease to be..and you may already be experiencing that feeling or sensation. As all evolves into its next expression, that which you remember as a past life, say, the Mediaeval days...will dissolve. The aspect of YOU that remembers that life or those days is recalling the way ENERGY was utilized during that "time". As you disconnect from that memory, the energy is released, as well as the pattern of the utilization of energy. As you in the current lifestream embodiment, realize that all that is "past" has been happening concurrently during your calendar days upon earth, your perspective will shift.

The "past" seems very real when you begin to explore it within yourself, for the energies "then", were of a denser nature, thereby giving weight and realness to the experience of what you are remembering. The energies that are occurring now within the current Energy state are a mixture of many realities, labeled past, present and future, which can be confusing to the human mind. For the human form is evolving to its next expression or form, within the constructs of ALL THAT IS.

Therefore your cells, your mind, your very consciousness are the Vessel or container of all that was, all that is and all that is to be. The denser third dimensional experience of ENERGY or CREATION is evolving and so all realities relating to the third dimension are releasing. The energy that surged through the body or the physical form was utilized according to the mass experience of the "time". The world as you know it right now is a mass projection, based on the many current and former experiences of energy. The human experience has allowed for every possibility that Creation IS, to be played with, played out and played upon.

Religion, man made religion, is a construct of human creation, as the mind attempts to explain or create a pathway HOME. And the paths HOME are endless, simply because the human mind, inter-relating with Creation's energies contain that endless possibility. Right now, religious energies or constructs are dissolving, because the greater momentum for the "older" ways is dissolving. All religion will cease to be when and as the human mind allows that thought to fall away. The TRUTH that is the anchor point of all religion will concurrently expand and evolve. All those parts of self that have lived in what you call the past, assisted in the creation of these pathways HOME, and what is occurring now, is that chaos is reaching a natural crescendo, and spinning itself faster and faster, and soon, there will be the reign of ONE.

Your modern washing machine can serve as an example..the dirty clothes are placed in the machine, to be cleansed. These clothes, having been worn, have encountered any number of thread altering substances. And the day comes when you know that you cannot place them upon your form. All of them, are then placed in the cleansing water, and agitated as they are cleaned..as old residue is released...as the water turns different colors depending upon the elements that are being released. These clothes could have been worn for many days, or weeks before, and worn again and again, or worn only once. Then they are rinsed, with new clear water and spun, spiraling around and around, ....finally clean, but only after much movement. And as you reach into the machine to the clean clothes, they are returned once more to clean threads of energy holding the form you know of as clothing. And still, they are not the same as when you first noticed that you could not wear them anymore upon your form. They will be worn to new places and new times and new experiences.


Dreams--the Dreamtime is the closest experience you presently have of knowing your true self, without a physical form. In meditation as well, you experience and taste the ONE. The DREAM encounters can and are, creating a longing or desire to be in that state all of the time, while one is still awake and aware of the body. And this desire or longing is YOU, the current lifestream, utilizing the creative abilities of all aspects of self that utilized and then released the creative abilities during a different/alternate life experience. The Dream world is a potent experience of CREATION and ENERGY that can be released and utilized in the Awake State of mind.

It begins with a shifting of conscious awareness, that all that you look upon, all that you perceive is merely a projection or momentary expression of CREATION. Open the mind to the unlimited potential, and simply play with this notion. Realize that all around you IS simply ENERGY and you, with your thoughts have labeled or created the Goodness or Badness of any one thing, person, or experience. And YOU did this because YOU could! And you are continuing to do this simply because you can.


When one enters the Dream world, of sleep, it is very much like going from one planet or reality to another. You will encounter Beings, thoughts, colors and modes of life that do not exist upon earth-third dimensional earth. There are times that what you encounter will have no connection to your present life simply because you are tapping into such a vast arena of creation. There are many experiences you have, that do not directly relate to your current life, and yet in the long run, they do benefit you. Every experience, in the sleeping dream world creates or forms an imprint, an energetic ripple, simply because once again, it is YOU experiencing Creation and all of its possibilities. Whether you are consciously aware of these sleeping experiences or not, the ONE is participating, and benefiting. For many scenarios of possibility are played out and acted upon in ways that are not possible or not beneficial to the evolving third dimensional energies.

There will be times when you WILL awaken with a knowing that you directly experienced something that does relate to your life in the current now. That occurs as a direct result of you having asked or inquired, to the higher self, or the other dimensional aspects of self, for assistance. The freedom of the sleeping Dreamtime affords the luxury of the interaction with aspects of self, aspects of others in your life, without the interference of the 3-D creative flow. You are able to gain the experience of many possible outcomes and scenarios. So you awaken with inspiration and answers, that as you apply them to the 3-D life, alters the energy of the 3-D to 4-D and higher. There is a beneficial merging that occurs as you mix, stir and create with creation in this way.


There are many times you may not wake with specifics, but simply a feeling or an idea. This is because the specifics that you encountered in the sleeping Dreamtime may not physically exist in the waking 3-D world...yet. Perhaps you are to create it in the 3-d world, perhaps it is a notion that will never be. In either event, it is all for the your benefit. It occurs to help you realize what a vast wonderful energy you are.

Do not be discouraged, for all of your inquiries and desires are heard and circulated within the creative flow of the Energy of ALL THAT IS. Each time you sleep, you return to the waking state different than when you entered sleep. For you have touched into yourself, and always return with either an energy, or an idea, or a concept. Writing experiences or thoughts down upon waking help to anchor what you have experienced, into the third dimension, and bring it into being with your current life.

Even if what you awaken with is only a concept that directly affects the physicality of your present world. You may remember enough to write a paragraph, or a just a sentence. Or maybe just one word. If you have nothing in your conscious mind upon awakening, be still for one moment before rising and ask..ask the part of you that is not quite back in the body to pass on a feeling or a word or a vision that will benefit you in your current life--in the now moment. And whatever you hear or know..write it down.

The physical action of writing pulls that higher energy into this current evolving stream and benefits YOU. As you interact with the sleeping Dreamtime more and more, you will come to know that the waking world is a Dream world as well.

A dream, is energy in one its many states of being. Sometimes it has seeming solidity, sometimes it does not. The only difference between the sleeping dream and the awake dream is the human perception. There is a song with these words...A Dream is a wish your heart makes...well, The Heart of The One is Dreaming...and as the Human heart realizes itself more and more, Every Heartfelt Dream will come true.

Recognize that you have choice, that you ARE choice. CREATION is simple..basic...ENERGY is simple..Basic...it responds to that which colors it..it becomes whatever it is fed. You have, within the core of who and what you are, the abilities to color and paint your response to the world, any way you wish. Go within your own self, and release that which YOU are dissolving, re-form the world, the dream that YOU live in, and embrace the magnificence of YOU....in essence The ONE.