There is a Rainbow in all that has just happened and my belief is that the Rainbow is within each one of us.

As I woke up on Tuesday morning, it felt like any other day (but wait, what am I saying, for each day is really not like any other day is it?). I turned on the TV just to check in on what was happening in the world, to see that a plane had hit the first tower of the World Trade Center and watched as the second tower was hit. I called my close friend Karen, and we watched this together..and then when the report came in that a plane had hit the Pentagon, the eeriest feeling crept into my consciousness. I didn't even say this aloud to her, but suddenly I felt as if I was watching something I had already seen. It was more than déjà vu...

The weeks leading to this event have been very powerful. I have had many dreams, one of which involved a community of people living underground within the Earth. I was viewing a large group of men and women that lived there, and I could see the tall buildings of their city in the distance as well.

They came upon a bomb lying in the grass. Many of them were terrified of it, and started to cry. One of the men stepped forward and said---"Do not be afraid...it is an old bomb-so old it is already diffused". But many were not buying it. The man then picked it up and said "I will show you that you have nothing to fear"..and threw it up into the air, whereupon it hit into the earthen ceiling and exploded. I remember the light in the dream from the explosion was brilliant and then I was above the earth, and could see that now a mushroom cloud of smoke was rising from where the bomb had penetrated the earth. I woke with a start and knew something was going to happen somewhere.

As I watched the events of Tuesday, the "feeling" continued to be with me that somehow, I recognized all of this. My heart surged with all of the pain being experienced and I cried. But within my feelings was a knowing..that All is in perfect order

There are so many levels to this event, we cannot begin to fathom all the ways it has changed us. It will reveal itself day by day. I considered the movie and TV industry and how it will change the content of what is put before us in the name of "entertainment". The entire monetary system and flow of exchange will be challenged--it is as if the biggest rug in the world was pulled out from under everything. A Huge Veil has been lifted, and the Dream changed in an instant right in front of us. As the cloud lifts, may our collective eye be opened to new vistas of love.

As we are reminded that all in this world is impermanent, we inherently know that within the impermanence is the grace and gift of beauty, love and light, for the signature of God/Goddess is etched within all of creation, whether it be for a fleeting moment or a lifetime.

As I meditated on Tuesday evening between 9-11 pm, I had a powerful experience. At one point, I envisioned a bright column of light coming into my field, from above, which I imagine is the Hand Of God. I saw it surrounding me and filling me, and this light contained all that would benefit all Beings. I moved the flow of this column deep into the earth, into what I envision as the Hand of Mother Earth. And the third step was that I envisioned this column of light now flowing out from me in a wide circle, to everywhere in the world. As soon as I did this, I was immediately taken out into space, in my inner vision, to gaze upon the entire world.

What I saw was so wonderful ! I saw thousands of points of light, everywhere, and I knew that I was being shown all of the people praying together. And then, simultaneously, I saw the light flow out from each shining point, creating thousands of overlapping circles of light, which in effect created a very detailed Flower Of Life pattern that covered the earth.

Tears filled my physical eyes and I was humbled, as I felt the power of what was streaming through my physical body as well as the Global Illumination I was witnessing.

Together we are united, and we must continue to Hold and LIVE an inner and outer Vision of Love and Truth. We are here to be a part of all of this, we are here to embody and anchor Truth and Love into this changing world. Let us come together as we can and anchor in more love and light..supporting each other in every way we can..Through us, the Truth of these events will come to light





I have said it before, and I say it again..THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE ON THE PLANET WITH ME.

ALL MY LOVE......Christine




Dimensions Of Life


The universe that you gaze upon when you look into the night sky swirls with billions of particles of light that you call stars. And these same particles of light exist within the cells and the DNA of your physical body. The stars that you reach to with your eyes and your heart, are outward symbols that you recognize as self and as HOME.

As you read, reach deeply now with your inner eye and contact your own personal cascading element of light. Merge within the smallest atom of your DNA and gaze upon the universe of sparkling light, and as you delve deeper you will see patterns and chords of light streaming, moving, and dancing endlessly and effortlessly. Encoded within this symphony of light and vibration are tones and layers of the many dimensions that you now exist within, as well as the potential for the myriad's of existence. The human body that you inhabit, is a work of art that is constantly changing and growing.

Each one of you constitutes the wave that is now moving in its rhythms upon the land that you call Earth. Those that participated in the transformation, by leaving the body, as well as those of you who are reading these words now, propelled ALL into the higher octave or light chord. A critical mass of energetic intent was met, within that which you knew of as the third dimension, when the events of September 11, occurred. And that intent was and is the energy that you know and call Ascension.

Feel the energy within the words that is being put forth for you to consider. Reach down once again into the deepest most intimate part of who you are, and allow a profound feeling of possibility to be birthed. Could it be possible that within such destruction, existed a framework that you yourself, that God, helped to create--a framework that involved such a huge shake up and a departure from seemingly everything that is right and good?

Could it be possible that within that moment, a new star was birthed? And if so, is that the star you now live upon?

Within the cells of every human being alive, are codes and chords of vibrational frequencies-- frequencies that are pure and without distortion. As these codes are activated, by individual souls as well as soul group decisions, change takes place in the outer expression of not only the human body, but the world that the human body exists within. For energetically speaking, the human body and the earth are made of the "same stuff". The world you live in and wake up to each day is merely a visual representation of that which exists within the light that you emanate. And when a mass amount of energy is reached--a certain quotient of light and energy is reached WITHIN, a shift of that magnitude occurs as a direct response, in what you see or know as the OUTER world.

Be aware that the time is truly here, when you will be experiencing more and more miracles and magical events in your outer world. For as the light chords within are now activated to a higher frequency, that which can be and will be witnessed and experienced will change. Be aware that within this flow, you must be as responsible as you can be for your words, thoughts, actions and INTENTIONS.

You are a living, breathing, walking star. And stars are constantly evolving --in every moment of existence, and within that which is perceived of as time. The Light Chords of God in its highest truth and light that are singing within you are responding to the waves of love and truth that you are living, breathing, and being. Continue to be the creator that you are. Think on these things and allow your inner truth and knowing to speak to you. Peace and Love I give to each one..in ALL WAYS.


The energy that is named Archangel Metatron