Your New Relationship With Life

At times, some of you may be feeling as if you have been deserted, or left alone, like no one out there, or in there, is listening anymore. Right? The truth is that we, your guides and spirit teachers, have not gone away from you at all, we know of your lives...we have just stepped back a little. We are growing just as you are, and so our energy signature is different, from what it was 10 or 20 years ago. And we are supporting you in remembering and meeting the inner teacher, the guru inside and around each of you. Within this tremendous shift that is occurring, your needs are being met, but just from a different place than you have been used to. For you are all releasing the illusion, which has for the most part, been your reality. You are moving into the glorious place of Home.

We know how you may at times feel that you don't know where you belong anymore, and how the day to day things seem without meaning. You may be feeling torn between wanting to do something so desperately, and yet not knowing what, and so you may feel helpless, or lost. For in many lifetimes, including this one ,you have been doing anything, outwardly, to find God, to find meaning in your life, and to prove yourself worthy of Gods love. There have been times when have you given up your life for God. And remember martyrdom does not always mean the physical death, for it can be the sacrificing of your dreams and desires to help another fulfill theirs. Sacrifice is , in itself a noble act of faith, but if in the act, you have deemed or felt that YOUR dreams and desires were somehow less than everyone else's, you may have been sacrificing more than you realized...Have you experienced this in your current lifetime?

In your searching for God, you have looked to being an outward symbol of experience, of action, so that the world could see, and God could see, just how special you knew you were. And it was all perfect.

When you incarnated, and took on the life before you, you forgot who you were and did not remember how close God is. You see, in the past, and I include this lifetime as well, you equated DOING as BEING. If you were not doing something outwardly, you didn't feel that you were. The ego wanted the validation of your physical counterparts and your soul ached for the attention of the ONE.

There has been a simple but very profound shift that has brought you to where you are today, and will continue to assist you in your life. You are coming into a greater awareness of the vastness of your spiritual identity, and experiencing the inner knowing that now, BEING IS SIMPLY ENOUGH.

It is time for you to remember who you are. It is time to let it be enough, just to BE. You are constantly returning to the light that you are, and as lifetimes of earthly patterning are dropping away, it may be scary. Your sustenance does not come entirely from the third dimension you see around you, but more now from the higher dimensions of LOVE. Your identity is changing, and you are beginning to really feel the grandness of you.

You are participating in a healing partnership with your body, mind and emotions. All that you have experienced, every emotion, every thought is being given its full accounting, as you embrace what is called the shadow side, as well as the light. The shadow is a part of all creation that serves by assisting in the evolution of all things. It too, is part of the light, another expression of the complex miracle that is God/Goddess.

As you hear all the parts of yourself, you are shifting from the experience of just living your life, to one of true participation, and co-creation. And you are allowing yourself to journey inward, which shifts the entire perception of your world, and your life. The inward journey is your true path to Home, for within each one lives all the memories, wisdom, and love you will ever need. As you foster this glorious relationship with your self, you are changing the world.

The echoes of DOING can be very strong. You have many wonderful memories of your lives in the third dimension and it can be hard to say good-bye, to some ways of living that have been with you for many years. And the strong pull that you are experiencing, to do something, even though you may not know what that is, is your inner self, your heart-light calling you. It is a call that you have not felt or experienced, for a long time, and it is so sweet. It is the nectar you have been waiting for.

It is time to go deeper within and hear and feel the words that you have been aching for. You are loved, wanted, and needed, because you are. You are a precious light, worthy and deserving, and you don't have to prove that to anyone, including God. You have traveled and journeyed many miles and you have done it well.

As you feel the layers of trying and doing wash away, you will rediscover the glory of BEING. As you shift into the feeling of being your true self, it can also feel like loss. It can feel as if you don't know who you are, or what your place is at all. You are dropping away the outer identity, the third dimensional self, and claiming that which you truly are--The Shining Love Light of God.

You are remembering that you are enough and that you are an essential contributor of Gods plan, just because you exist. And, too, you are experiencing the reversal of the energy that DOING means BEING. NOW, BEING is DOING. You are not loosing yourself, you are finding it once more, on your glorious journey home.

You are re-learning how to love just being you. Breathe in the simplicity of it. Let go the complexity of life, let go of trying so hard. You have already done that, and so give yourself permission to BE, and follow your soul call, to becoming all that you are.

You will find that as you do, a new sense of direction, and identity will emerge from within. Your inner self has listened and heard all your desires, and has kept them fresh and ready. Your renewed love for yourself, your energy of BEING, is what will bring them alive in front of you.

I invite you to share a special moment with me now, and as you read these next words, repeat them 3 times to yourself, or aloud, whichever you desire.


I know that I AM a beautiful BEING of Light

I AM grateful to ALL that I have BEEN, DONE and WILL BE in this and all other lifetimes

I AM strong, courageous and fully alive

I AM the energy of the Christ Light

I Am fulfilling my destiny by BEING here on the earth

I AM my higher self in every moment

I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Divine Order

I Am Loved beyond measure


Breathe in the words you have just said, and feel my love pour down upon you. If saying these words prompted tears, know that you are in the dual process of releasing, as well as receiving. Just let it flow, and let the love and light that I Am sending you, fill and renew you in every way. The words you have just spoken is yourself talking to you, reminding you of your inner truth, and light.

Within the energy of Being, is the movement of Becoming. And that is where you will find your new direction. You are, in a way, as a babe, emerging into the world, fresh and new, alive with pure love, and hope. As you establish a new relationship with your life, here on the planet, you are birthing, and seeding a new visible outer world.

As you embrace your being-ness, you will begin to have a greater awareness of were you are living, meaning, your city, state, country, including your personal living situation. This occurs as you view your life from a fresh, gentle place of loving discernment, and sensing what is the best for you. You may feel a desire to physically move, as you connect deeply with your soul. As you get a feel for what supports you and what doesn't, you will be feeling energies calling you to places and people that will better support your personal energies. For you are becoming more than you were, in every moment. And most certainly you are not the same person you were 10 years ago.

You may not feel the need to move, but you may find your self traveling to different places. As you heed these inner urges for exploration and movement, it is a reflection of your desire to explore yourself, deeply, and with passion. Your beautiful earth is filled with so many wonderful places that will stimulate you, and assist in your re-connection to your original self. Allow her to show herself to you, as you both share light, and enjoy each other in a very deep and loving way.

Relationship with family members will take on a different role in your life, as you feel more compassion for those closest around you. You will notice THEIR life differently, because YOU will start to feel differently about where YOU fit into the big picture. You are moving into observance from a different viewpoint, a higher vision, becoming the eagle that soars high above, close to spirit. As your personal view of life expands, will come the sense of detachment, as you, in essence, blow the roof off of your own house.

You will notice your romantic relationships, as your heart opens to the light, allowing you access to deeper and truer feelings. Places that were unfulfilled have the potential to now be divinely experienced and shared. And the possibility exists, within mutual agreement, for some of you that are now in relationships, to go their separate ways. The inner knowing of the vibrational differences that may have already existed and were never dealt with or totally seen may surface.

Everyone is merging with the highest love, and that can be done, with or without an intimate earthly partner. You desire this relationship more deeply than you can say, are you not?

Realize that as you are changing, as you integrate more LOVE, that all your earthly desires are also changing. Open yourself to being a partner, within the highest relationship you can have, the one with yourself. For some, your soul growth and service, involves merging with your twin flame, from two different planes of existence. For others, the plan of your life includes an earthly partnership. No one pathway is any better or any less.

And always remember that there are so many possibilities before you, to be with others and join together in groups, to help wash away any feelings of, or sense of loneliness. That energy of community will be getting stronger for all, as you remember how connected you really are to everyone else. You are all being guided to meet and re-connect with your spiritual family, and together you will create and share incredible amounts of love. The sense of aloneness you may have, which can bring about the sense of searching for something you are missing, originates with your desire to merge with the All LOVE, in a very personal way. You are re-discovering the light within yourself, and within everyone else, too.

As you embrace the inner knowing of the ONE, of which you are a part, a sense of completeness, will pervade your every cell, and whether you are in a one on one relationship or not, you will increasingly feel fulfilled, and supremely happy. Remember that another person cannot bring you the wholeness you desire, only you can do that. In any relationship, when you come together, you become more of what you already are, for you have the opportunity to see God, right in front of you.

Your entire body energies, your chakras, are being adjusted, re-aligned, and transformed. Your lower chakras, or personal energy centers, carry the resonance of your earthly existence, the journey that is and has been your life. As they respond to the higher frequencies, your desire for earthly pleasures, sexual union, food, your day to day comforts, will also change, very gently, but very distinctly. Your tastes will alter, and you will find your desires on every level, will have more passion. By this I mean, you will take nothing for granted anymore, all will become special, from the food you eat, to the car you drive. As you integrate more light, more aspects of your self, everything around you will feel differently, as if brand new. Your experience of pleasure, will be enriched, and deepen as more love permeates the cells of your body. Each moment of the day, you will notice the world around you in a more observant and more thankful way.

As your lower energy centers respond to the light, they will be spinning with a new momentum, from a different directive. Therefore old earth based fears and worries, will in effect, be gradually erased. There will come a time, when one day, you will notice how differently you have been viewing the world, and living your life. The effect will be one of comfort and peace, along with a deep knowing that you DO have the power to create all that you want in your life. And any little bits or pieces of fear, that may have existed, will simply fade away, because they won't be able to resonate in your energy fields anymore. When you consciously step into claiming and owning the beautiful light that you are, the resonance of that declaration is simply astounding.

Another effect, of the energetic realignment within your lower chakras, is your feeling of connection with the earth, as I spoke of earlier. You will begin or deepen your feeling of the earth as a living entity that supports and cares for you. As you walk, you will feel the kinship and the soul that IS EARTH. The earth is experiencing this influx of love just as you are, for the earth feels emotion, just like you. A new relationship will take place, as you both EXPERIENCE each other from a space of more light, and thus will SHARE more light and Love. For she, the earth, knows clearly, what is happening.

The adjustments that are happening to you upper chakras, are designed to increase your spiritual awareness. These energies of greater love and light will bring about new experiences for you, on many levels. Your meditations will be heightened with greater sensations of expansion with the knowing that you are still also in your body. You will have a much more definitive relationship with the aspects of self that walk with you each day, as well as your higher self, your personal guides and angels. And for those that have had trouble meditating, you will find, much more ease, as the ability to let go, and enter the center of your being, comes forth automatically, without any effort.

All of these changes, at times, may feel like a whirlwind is moving through you, and it is. Stay with your present moment, allowing the future to be created, from your personal momentum of light and love. Some days you may feel confusion, but know that this is only a temporary sensation, and connect with those that you are the closest to, to share your experience of integration. There will be comfort for you as you hear someone else say that they too, are feeling energy spiraling within their body, or having the same emotional release or mental processing. Share your dreams and meditations with each other, as you will be triggering each other, with remembrance of other dimensions or life experiences.

You are Being yourself, in every moment, through your intention and your personal desire. Live your life with enthusiasm, and delight, knowing there is a Divine plan unfolding, and you are creating and fulfilling it right now, even as you read these words.

You are the essence of DIVINE LOVE.

Peace to you