Peace Of Mind

Peace of Mind is a state of being that often can allude us as we encounter our daily lives. There is so much that challenges our senses that can create a sense of helplessness and frustration. The present life, with its increasing technology and fast paced environment can propel us to try find a place of peace..somewhere..anywhere..just to get be quiet. And a search often begins only when we feel we have been pushed to our limits of endurance.

And so a vacation is planned, requests for time off are submitted, newspapers and mail delivery is stopped, arrangements are made for the pets and before you begin the vacation it can feel like you worked even harder than before. The vacation arrives and the first few days are spent in joy and happiness..for you are on vacation. And soon enough it is time to return to the "real world". And sometimes you feel let down, or sad, depressed and possibly even angry, for the time, the peace of mind you were searching for, was fleeting, if it happened at all.

Life truly is only a day to day experience and so often it is thought of or perceived of in terms of holidays or blocks of time, or seasons, or simply the past and/or the future. And when viewed from those perspectives, life can seem short, and too fast, as if time is passing you by. When we focus on the past, sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves for choices we made, words that were or were not said and outcomes that were less than desirable.

If any of this sounds or feels familiar to you, one day soon, turn that coin over and view your past with love and appreciation for all that happened. REMEMBER that every choice you made in the past was based on what you knew in that moment. You did the best you could, and today, you are doing the best you can as well.

Life, when embraced on a day to day basis can be so very fulfilling. For the past has already happened, and the future is still in a state of creation. In truth it does not yet exist, except on the calendar we carry with us everywhere we go and that hangs in our home on the wall, which tends to pull our energy forward into the future. It is very easy to lose track of the present moment, if our thoughts are engaged with something we have already done, or wondering about what is yet to come.

Each day when we rise from sleep, we have the chance to live, and breathe and find the peace that we seek. For the energy that we call peace truly is within. God lives within our hearts and our minds and is our constant companion. God has no calendar to view, we are never squeezed into his/her schedule, God is never late, and God always shows up when we arrive with our prayers and intentions. And best of all God is available to us 24 hours a day. All we have to do is sit quietly, and BE with God. And there, we will find all the peace of mind that we are searching for.

Take a 5-minute vacation with God every day, and He/She will relieve your mind and touch your heart. For God knows your life and your world. Peace of mind can and will be your constant companion. All we have to do is ALLOW Peace of Mind into our daily reality..and that really is not a DOING, but a BEING..and there is no work involved with that at all.

I woke one morning a few years ago with this mantra/phrase in my mind and it has served me every day since.

In this perfect moment, I AM all that I AM