Photo Gallery

Hi, I am happy to share some various pictures with you..some are from a few years ago, but most are from a trip in early 2001~~I will add more as I can. Enjoy!!!

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This is from 1993..I was walking in one of the many wondrous canyons in Sedona, and was very drawn to the Rock formation..when I saw the actual photo..noticed a HUGE RIGHT EYE in the sky!!

IN 1993, when I lived in Sedona, was viewing the beautiful moon from my apartment and noticed what looked to me to be a beautiful White Dove formed by the Clouds, below the moon

Taken in 1993 or so..Bell Rock in Sedona...I love the White Geometric shape and the Violet Ray

An interesting natural (!) formation on a Rock wall somewhere in Sedona..taken in 1992..looks like the outline of a space craft to me..what do you think??

Beautiful Cathedral Rock in Sedona as viewed and experienced from Red Rock Crossing and Oak Creek

One section of the peaceful and serene pathway at Red Rock Crossing

This was taken of me, after I had been absorbed in a deep the Lake of Yoganada's wonderful Temples in California

Beautiful Lake Shrine Temple

There is a wonderful path that you can walk that circles the small Lake at the Lake Shrine..and this plaque was there, amongst the flowers

This is one of the beautiful ponds that Yogananda created at the Hermitage in Encinitas

Golden Gate State Park --across the Bay from San Francisco.....along the western Shore

Pacific Coast-- north of San Francisco

About 10 seconds after I looked through the viewfinder of my camera, this huge wave appeared..I gasped and took the picture--Again somewhere along the Pacific Coast

Notice the same Violet Ray and white geometric form in this in the Bell Rock photo.. This was taken just to the right of the next picture....( I did not have this same camera when I took the Bell Rock photo)

Some wonderful and very interesting Rock formations along the coast of California

A fun picture of me at Venice Beach California

Thai Temple near L.A.

The stage at the Wesak Celebration in Mt Shasta 2001--Dr. Joshua Stone is speaking and his wife Wistancia is at the Podium

A magical area in Muir Woods