My Near Death Experiences

Part 1


I know it is now the time for me to share my NDE's (Near Death Experience's).

My first OBE, (out of body) or NDE took place when I was around 4 or 5 years old. I remember flying through the apartment we lived in and I was up near the ceiling. I looked down at my sleeping parents and wondered if they knew I was there.

The next event that I am aware of occurred in the spring of 1993, about a month or so before I was to move to Sedona AZ from Connecticut. I was at the hospital, having a Ct scan because my blood sugars were fluctuating quite a bit and my doctor wanted to make sure I didnít have a tumor on my pancreas.

I received the IV Dye and the table I was lying on started to move into the machine, when I felt something ominous spreading through my body. My intuitive flag went up quick and I banged on the outside of the machine and they stopped the table, backed it out and as this was happening, I felt my throat and eyes start to swell up. I was having an allergic reaction to the Dye.

I couldn't even talk when they got to me and I heard everything now as if it was miles and miles away. I still had a flicker of awareness of my physical body, and felt my arms and head being touched. I was not scared..I really donít think I had the "time" to even be scared because it happened so fast. I felt my consciousness start to remove itself from my feet and then my legs and it was continuing to move upwards towards my head, and I fully expected to be floating near the ceiling looking down, but that didnít happen.

Suddenly, I was in a beautiful Golden place..a space actually, rather than a place. I felt so so peaceful, but more than that, I was immersed in what I can only call GOD. The love I was experiencing was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I didnít see anyone or anything, but I KNEW GOD was there..everywhere. I also KNEW that this was a window of opportunity, where if I wanted to, I could leave the body and this current life.

I started to talk to GOD..in my mind or through mind..and I said" God, I know what's happening here..I have a chance to leave this body if I want to. Well, God, You know my life's path better than I do and if it is time for me to go, I am fine with it, and if there is more for me to do or live, than I am fine with that as well. I leave it in your hands." And with that I felt a huge surge of Love and the Golden light started to fade and I could start to hear voices, and I heard someone say Ö."Great! the medicine is working".

I felt my-self engage more and more with this body and soon was able to speak again. I was placed in an observation room for quite some time. They had called my doctor of course and as he really wanted to get the Ct scan and they all determined that there was probably enough of the dye inside me to get a picture of some value, they completed the scan. There was no tumor or abnormality of any sort. I rested some more and called my brother, who gave me a ride home.

After he left, for the next few hours I was still in amazement of what had just occurred and I rested in bed. During this time I started having trouble breathing and could hear all kinds of crackling noises from my chest. I called my doctor who said come back to the hospital if it gets worse..but he said it sounds like you are having some pulmonary edema from the allergic reaction. Well, I laid in bed, called on God and within time the edema passed on its own without getting any worse.

The next 2 days, which was a weekend, I spent crying off and on, for it was as if my emotional self was totally overwhelmed by it all and didnít know what else to do. A month or so later, I moved to Sedona, and it was then that I began to have the ability to "channel" via the written word.

Less than a year later, 1994, I was in the earthquake in Northridge, California, and then experienced subsequently, acute viral pneumonia. During the many months of healing after that, I experienced a profound spiritual shift, within, and KNEW that a higher aspect of my self/soul Ö revealed itself to my conscious awareness. It was very powerful and took me quite some time to integrate those energies.

What I realized some time after the allergic reaction experience, is that I did not leave my body at all. I experienced God from within myself, while I was still connected to this form, this energy, which is also God made manifest. The allergic reaction created a state of being in the cells of my body, wherein my aware consciousness, was able to fully engage with Source. It was a gift of immense proportion, and I am eternally grateful.

My self allowed me to KNOW the truth, as I had never dreamed possible. Who we all are, is beyond description.




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