Morning and Evening Prayers


In the silence of this morning, these words arrived. With love, I humbly share them with you. May they serve you well.



Morning Prayer

O Dearest God, Grace this day with your Divine presence

For you are That which sees this world as yourself, through these eyes

You are That which hears only Divine vibration, through these ears

You are That which speaks its word, through this mouth

You are That which touches Divine form, through these hands

You are That which walks every step, through this physical form

And you are That which shares and expresses, all goodness and love through its own life

On this day, may my awareness of you be ever present, and may your will be done in All ways






Evening Prayer

O Divine Mother , Thank you for this days many experiences of you

I offer this day at your feet, returning all to your Divine Heart

Grant me restful repose, clearing my mind of all thoughts and emotions

As I close my eyes tonight, fill me with your peace as I surrender into your loving embrace

As I rest and dream this night, May your Divine purpose be fulfilled