Opening and Healing Your Heart

~~The energy of the Divine Mother

For most everyone alive, it is a natural desire to turn to the mother when one needs comforting and love, for a mothers love is a special, timeless love. It is the outstretched, embracing arms, and gentle eyes filled with softness and unconditional caring.

As changes occur, in your inner and outer world, there can be a sense of great turmoil, and fear. Very naturally, you may want and/or need to be comforted, and feel safe. I am here with you all, to comfort, and bring a sense of peace into your life, as well as assist in the universal emergence of the feminine aspect of God. For the feminine energy, lives in all, no matter what physical form, you are currently in. There is a balancing that occurs, as every man and woman remembers and integrates all aspects of themselves.

Your very existence, on earth, was through the energies of two people, one of which, is female, your mother. And whether you are the child that lives inside a 50-year-old body, or 5 years old, you can remember the love that your parents gave to you. Or maybe you are the child within the adult, that did not experience much love and you crave it. My beloved, here I Am right now, this moment, bringing you the softness and gentleness, that is, mothers love.

The Divine Mother will be appearing more and more around the globe, in unexpected ways and unusual places. I come to visibly demonstrate Gods unending love for each and every one, to heal the wounds of the shattered heart, and to establish brotherhood, and peace. I wish to bring to you, a deepening faith, that all will be nourished and sustained within this time of personal and planetary transition, and transformation.

As a response to world changes, some people have become emotionally numbed as they have chosen, to forget how to feel, and/or sense, what is around and within themselves. And very often the numb sensation then becomes ones security.

This numbing is an attempt to novocaine ones self, against all that is happening, as a protection. In essence, it builds a fortress around your heart, and you stop feeling ANY emotion, including love. When you become out of touch with yourself, you are living like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand all the time. The path home lives within your heart, and it is vital that you allow yourself to remember, feel and then live the qualities of love, peace, harmony, and joy. When you cut off your connection to your heart, you are in essence preventing and/or stopping all forward momentum.

It is essential for everyone to re-establish this connection and open the doors of communication within. One of the ways to begin is to simply pay attention to your every day life, in a new and different way, and it is very easy.

As a suggestion, if upon awakening for your day, you are one that tends to jolt from the bed half awake and run to the shower... one morning, choose to change that just a little. Before you get out of bed, stretch a little, and say a happy hello to your body. After all, you were out all-night, traveling, learning, and visiting, and your wonderful body has kept the home fires burning. Look around the room and notice the lighting, take some deep breaths, and feel how alive you are. Then follow your morning routine, as usual. The next day, choose to take another step, by really FEELING the sensations of water in a new way.

When you are in the shower or bath, notice the water, how pleasant it is, how refreshing it is, and how you feel. Let yourself remember the comfort of the womb as the water surrounds you. Allow yourself to feel safe and loved, and imagine the water washing away all of your worries and fears. For each day is truly like a new beginning, and you have the power to make it so, with your beliefs. And as you re-open your awareness to all the aspects of your physical life, it will be as if a veil was lifted.


By being very present with even one single occurrence of your day, your entire awareness changes. And by beginning to practice and experience this, slowly and softly, you put no demands on yourself, and you then step easily and effortlessly into the energy of the present moment. And as you begin to embrace each moment of your life from a new perspective, you will feel a growing sense of calm around you.

As you change your awareness, you will automatically start noticing your self, from a different perspective. Your head will come out of the sand, and you will be able to enjoy living once more. The heaviness around your heart will soften, as you embrace your life gently and with compassion. Healing the heart is a process of allowing your self to feel and then remembering how much you really do love yourself. I encourage you to support yourself with this blossoming. Listen to your body as well as your heart, for they will give you clues.

The present moment holds the answers for each one, for the future is but a creation that flows from the infinite moment. There is a release that is happening for most of you reading this material. Most of you came into this world with a grand sense of responsibility and a desire to help. And along the way of your life, you have attempted to assist the world around you in any way you could. A component within the healing that is occurring, is the realization that you, too, are not only deserving of love, but are a creation and an eternal part of Divine Love.

For most, this is a powerful time of personal healing, as you release old agendas, and memories, as well as all that you may personally have taken on, in your valiant attempt to heal the world. You are releasing the wounds to the Light, for within the love lies the cure. As you give away the burden you have been carrying, know that the light that lives with you, grows stronger. You are remembering that the light of God is an endless source that will never be drained or harmed. You are releasing your sense of aloneness, and becoming one with your constant ally, which is pure love.

In these times of so much change, your security, is always, without fail, your Inner Light. As your relationship with yourself grows, and deepens, your faith and trust also expands, or in some cases births. This can bring you much stability as you navigate your way through each day of your life.

I am here, as well, to touch the universal child in all, to restore the innocence and trust that has been lost. When you gaze into the eyes of a child, what do you see? Do you see yourself? When was the last time you looked into a child's eyes? Does it stir your heart, as a distant, but very familiar memory?

I come, to assist with your remembering, of your own soft and secure inner space. It's been there all along, and perhaps, has become hidden, or covered with dust, but it is there. As you allow the MOTHER energy, the feminine, to permeate every corner of your mind and heart, your earthly life, will feel easier. The raw places will be soothed, the fearful places will be caressed, and a peaceful sensation will emerge.

Another suggestion I have for you, is that for one moment, in your day, create a time of prayer. And my beloved, prayer and meditation are just simple, easy communication, with God. As prayer is a very special personal experience for everyone, allow yourself to let it be whatever it wants to be.

It can be while reading a book, walking in nature, cooking a meal, standing in a crowd, or sitting in church. Talk with God, pour out your hearts desires, your hopes and fears, your likes and dislikes. By doing this you are establishing a deep personal connection with your Inner Light, for that is where God resides. Meditation is simply listening, and staying open for the response. Your answer may come from the quiet stillness of your mind, or a passage in a book, or from a co-workers words.


Know that even within the constant, secure, existence that is God, resides the energy of change, as each person alive, feels and lives, greater amounts of love. God/Creator is growing and expanding through you, and with you.

The MOTHER energy is and always will be available to everyone. For no matter what you think or say, no matter how much anyone thinks they have sinned, or turned away from God, there is unconditional acceptance, for you are a child of God. You, your soul, your light, is a creation of the male and female aspects of God, just as your physical body, carries the genetic imprint of your physical parents.

Allow my love, the Divine Mother, to transport you, to your inner place of comfort: The special place that knows, with the trust of a child, that you are absolutely worthy of love, and every happiness. For where there is God, there can be no judgement, or questioning. Allow the sensation of love to rise up from within, like a beautiful fragrant rose.

I invite you to join with me, now, as I outstretch my arms to you, blending my heart with yours. Know that beauty is upon us, beauty, that is abundant and ever present. As humanity opens their hearts, and embraces life, we all Transform and grow together, Mother Earth included. The possibilities are endless, and it can and does begin in one moment. Let us do it together, for we are family are we not? A family created by LOVE.