This planet has for many years been the battleground for the forces of the "dark" and the "light". And these battles have demonstrated themselves on many levels, as it could be within you, or a whole nation, fighting for a cause. Throughout time, man has struggled and died, as they boldly spoke the truth. For the truth is timeless, and now, is the time, in history, when all the efforts, of every crusader, will come into fruition, and assist in the on-going transformation of humanity.

Now, as more veils are lifted, there will be an embracing of that which is LIGHT, that which is TRUTH. You are, and have been, a voice as well as a vehicle, for the transmission of truth. And you yourself, have been removing the outer layers of misperception, by your desire and longing , along with assistance from the energies of love, that support all.

The time has come for governments and businesses to show what they are made of, to the people. And this indeed is already happening, as evidenced by the many upheavals and changes, that are occurring around the world. As the layers unveil, more will be revealed. It is time for the exploration of the larger things in life, such as, the political systems, governments, the value of a dollar, as well as the value of human life.

This is now a time, that is concerned with the "mass" consciousness, and of what has supported you, what you have put your faith in, and the people that have been trusted, to govern the masses. And, it is time to sit back and reflect on the projections, and expectations, that have been created by the mass mind.

The time is upon mankind as a whole, to come face to face, with the TRUTH. So much has been happening on the planet, that has been serving to awaken ALL to the knowing, that they must go within for strength, and solace, and support. So much of the outer world that was looked upon for support and daily comfort is disappearing. When you woke up in the morning, you could count on certain things being there and you felt stable. You could go on with your day, go to sleep, and wake up, assuming the outer world would be just as you last saw it. But, not anymore.

The earth changes, catastrophes, money instabilities, and personal crises are happening, and it is certainly waking everyone up. What used to be your day to day routine, is quickly changing, is it not? Any plan, you may have had for your life, is quickly disappearing, and many unexpected events are occurring in all of your lives, as the third dimensional way of life is being shaken up as many dated "systems" are dropping away.

Reflect back, in time, if you will, to the peace and love movement, that occurred in the sixties. Some of you reading this, can certainly remember, those tumultuous, but very inspiring days. The emphasis then, brought about a personal revival, as everyone remembered the essence and beauty of love, and started a revolt about what man had created. World issues, such as pollution, war, and hunger, rose to the surface, and began to be talked about, and acted upon. This powerful revolution, set in place, a firm, unshakeable, foundation of love

And reflect on your own life, and how you have been digging deeper, within, and "cleaning up your own act", as you have been inspired to LIVE more love within your own personal existence. That base of integration, now serves the entire world, as the foundation, for the re-awakening and thus emergence of higher levels of truth and love.

Some people are indeed flushing out years and in some cases, lifetimes, and lineages of cellular memory. Seek, and utilize, whatever will best support you, in terms of caring for your body, mind and spirit, during the times of change. Remember, dear ones, you are never alone, and that in some cases, that, which you are experiencing, is a healing, that affects much more than just yourself.

Your emotional body can experience many ups and downs, usually always within a certain range, as if fenced in, and one of the most motivating emotions within human life, has been fear. Fear of not being liked, or being shunned and ridiculed, because you did not go along with the crowd. And now, when everything around you is seemingly falling apart, your whole world is shaken, you don't know who or what to count on anymore. Consider the fact, that you are realizing more and more, that your basis of support, what keeps you going, what you can always count on, comes from within.

A partial basis of your fear, stems from the point of entry into the third dimension. You were transformed from an existence of Being, with unlimited movement and expression, to one of confinement and feeling trapped. How many of you , from your earliest days as a child, remember feeling and thinking that you wanted out of this place ? How many of you have said those infamous words " Beam me up, Scotty!"

The birth process, and early childhood, was very disorienting for some, and from this feeling, may have come a wondering, that you must have done something terrible , and now have been banished to this place. Nothing was familiar, the colors were not the same, the smells were different, the entire experience was foreign, and you missed your friends. To varying degrees, fear and resignation may have moved in with you, and a certain sadness, was created from the longing. You were afraid, that you would always be stuck in this place, and would never be what you once were, and certainly the older you got, the early memories were sure fading, fast.

Fear not, for the time of TRUTH is at hand. You have been, and are, here on this planet, at this time of universal change and growth, to expand your abilities to experience LOVE. All in the entire universe is and has been created from LOVE, and for LOVE. You are a spark of THAT. For when you came to this world, you had one purpose, to dissolve any restrictive boundaries, to forge new paths of expression, and your motivation is simply, LOVE. As more love integrates and emerges from within every cell, it also merges with your emotional body, creating an irreplaceable vehicle of expansion. Every time you accept, allow, forgive, and embrace, you are returning to the TRUTH, and transforming fear, into love.

The curtain is rising, dear ones, the final act is upon you all. Remove that third dimensional cloak, at your own comfort level. You already have been feeling what awaits you, as you have been expanding your awareness, and remembering who you really are. You have all been giving yourselves the greatest gift possible, by incarnating on this earth, especially now. For the energies of LIGHT and LOVE are even greater than ever, throughout the entire universe. We are all moving into our next phase of evolution.

As this transformation takes place, how it will affect you, personally, may take many forms. You may find yourself questioning, what you are doing, for a living. Is this way of expression, fulfilling, and does it make you as happy as it once did? Or you may realize, like awakening from a dream, that it never really did. Or, you may suddenly find, that new paths open to you, within the same profession, allowing you growth, and deeper fulfillment, as well as the opportunity for greater service.

The way you live your life, your desires, may change, and you might realize one day, that you just do not need or want so much, in terms of your physical or material comforts. You are moving into a new experience and vision of yourself, and the world around you.

As companies, banks, and governments everywhere, experience this infusion of truth, be prepared for change on all levels. Flexibility is the key, for as you roll with it, you allow the energy to move through you, shifting you, to your own next level of inner awareness, and thus presenting you with new choices and options. Remember, that with the base of love securely in place, that these transitions, while challenging, do not have to be constantly difficult, unless you choose to perceive them as such.

This is the time, that all will find greater abundance and ease of living, as you continue to stay true to your life. Stay open to new ideas and thoughts that come into your minds, for you are opening to UNIVERSAL MIND, Christ Consciousness, as the MASS MIND, is being shaken up, with the infusion of LOVE. And know, that as you live your life in truth and love, you are a guiding light for many around you. Your efforts leave a wake of energy for those that come after you, for generations to come.



These are powerful times, this time of truth, for it has opened the door for everyone, everywhere, to the gentle, but persistent self-realization, that there is something better, a different way. Stay strong in your hearts, stay faithful to that place inside that KNOWS LOVE, for that is your safe haven.