Fire Circle Journey

The fire was very beautiful, enchanting, and comforting. I enjoyed the smell, the sight, and the sound of it, and the warmth, which enveloped me like a blanket. As I sat there with the others, I could feel myself sinking into a smooth place, of serene calm and velvet softness. The figures I saw dancing in the flames were tribal and primitive, and so colorful.

The fire invited me inward and so I went, and found myself on the familiar plateau in the west, with the White Buffalo. It was so wonderful to be with her again, for her love is so all enveloping. I snuggled up next to her reclining body, and we both stared into the flames. She started to tell me a story.



There once was a small Indian village that was part of the Lakota tribe. In this village was a great Chief, and he was troubled because the wood supply was growing short. The men had been to all the surrounding areas, searching without success. Despair was creeping into the village for without wood, there could be no fire. And without fire, no food, no life.

One night, unbeknownst to the other members of the tribe, the Chief left the village in search of wood. As he walked, Great Spirit urged him onward, and so he traveled, secure in his actions for the good of the whole. As he went along, he found wood that was splintered, moldy or wet, all very unusable for the creation of fire. And again Great Spirit assured him that he was on the right path and to continue.

As the sun rose one morning, a young one of the village decided that it was time for him to venture out on his own and look for some wood. And so he did.

By this time, the chief had been gone from the village for 4 days, and the elders, while trusting in the flow, knew it was time to send out a search party for the wise chief, to assist, for they knew why he had left. And so they did.

The chief walked, driven by the unseen force of spirit, which he knew, and so when the big bear emerged from the trees, he welcomed it. The bear killed him and ate most of his physical body, for he was hungry. At the same time, the young one discovered a patch of trees that seemingly sprang up from no-where, and ran back to share his good news with the other members of the village.

The spirit of the chief rose from his body and knew he had to return to the village to see what was happening, for his sense of duty was strong. As he arrived, he found them all celebrating the good news, and his heart was full of joy. At the same time, the search party came upon the chief's remains, and they carefully wrapped the pieces in some buffalo hide, and transported them back to the village.

As the villagers made a roaring fire, they celebrated, giving thanks to the Great Spirit that had led the young one to the wood, and for the roaring and crackling fire that now blazed in the middle of the village. They knew that to honor their beloved Chief, they would share his physical remains with the fire, for he had contributed to its discovery, by giving his life while searching for wood, for all.

As they offered his remains to the fire, the happy spirit of the Chief was then able to follow the Blue Road into the heavens, knowing that he had indeed followed Great Spirit well, and that the cycle continues.


White Buffalo told me that the sense of timing that I have had all of my life, is fire working within me, moving and creating and urging me onward at the right times. I had never connected this energy with fire. I had always thought of it as intuition or my higher self-speaking to me, which is all-true as well. As I sat there and digested that, I felt myself expand within yet again. And I knew that the story was me.

Thank you fire, for showing me who and what you are in my life. I feel as if I have been re-united with a powerful ally, and a friend. Thank you Bear, for once again, assisting my movement forward, by dismembering what was ready to be transformed. Thank you White Buffalo Calf Woman, for your continued support and presence in my life, you are a blessing, and a true companion. You are a part of me, the very highest and enlightened part of me and indeed all of us. I am humbled and overjoyed, all at once. Tears of gratitude stream from my eyes.