Favorite Music

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This list is some of my favorite music for Meditation, Healing energy/body work or before sleep relaxation. Perhaps you will find something new for your own pleasure. Enjoy....Peace to you in every way....


 Anugama--Earthy, Rhythmic music with a pulsing heartbeat

Shamanic Dream

Shamanic Dream 2

James Asher--Light, floaty, but not too ethereal

Dance Of the Light

Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark--Spacey and ethereal, with emotional tones

Lullaby For the Hearts Of Space


The Way Home

Philip Chapman--Dreamy and rhythmic

Return of the Angels

Jim Cole and Spectral Voices--Vocal harmonic overtones, haunting and rich

Coalescence, Harmonic Singing in a Water Tower

Robert Coxon--Ethereal and melodic-peaceful

The Silent Path

Crystal Silence 1-Beyond Dreaming

Crystal Silence 2-The Silence Within

Crystal New Age

Deuter--Majestic and soothing with eastern overtones

Wind and Mountain

Nada Himalya

Douglas Spotted Eagle--Native American-vocal and instrumental..very moving


Closer to Far Away

Dean Evenson--Salutes the earth with melody

Ocean Dreams

Forest Rain

Healing Waters



Joseph Firecrow---Native American flute-Moving, Beautiful and Heartfelt

Cheyenne Nation

Legend of the Warrior

Red Beads

Andrew Forrest--Very "out there" and yet majestic and moving..more than simple space music

Octaves Of Infinity



Dan Gibson--Wonderful whale songs with music

Journey With The Whales- Solitude's Series

Lama Gyurme and Jean-Philippe Rykiel--Tibetan Buddhist chants and energies..very moving

Rain of Blessings-Vajra Chants

Steve Halpern--Peaceful, soothing and so relaxing

Starborn Suite

Inner Peace

Michael Hammer--Spacy, ethereal with higher octaves of sound

Michael Hammer Music Sampler

Dolphin Light

Michael Harner--Music, Sound to Journey with

Shamanic Journey Rattle

Shamanic Journey- Multiple Drumming

Shamanic Journey- Solo and Double Drumming

Tibetan Bowl Sound for the Shamanic Journey

Leonard Howell/Eagle Cloud-- Very unique Shamanic journey music with whale sounds

Whale Spirit-Shaman Journey of the Deep

John Huling--Native American flute with nature and vocals

Mesa Sunrise


Return to Spiritlands

Jalan Jalan--Music from Bali and the east-a diverse collection of soothing and peaceful melodies

Bali Dua

Healing Collection 1, Pacific Moon records

Kamal--Soothing,peacful and moving music for Reiki, and personal inward travels

Reiki Whale Dreaming

Reiki Whale Song

Shamanic Healing

The Quiet Earth-Dusk

KaruneshExpansive, Melodic, Sweet Rhythmic inner music

Call Of The Mystic

Snatam Kaur--Sikh chants with angelic vocals



Tom Kenyon-- sound, prayers, chants/brain wave balancing and harmonizing

The Ghandarva Experience

Wave Form

Wave Form 2

Nawang Khechog--Tibetan Flute..haunting, peaceful and soothing

Rhythms of Peace


Gerald Jay Markoe--Very Light, unique..one of the first new age artists

Music from the Pleaides

Melodies from the Pleaides

Merlins’sMagic –Music for Reiki, or relaxation

Angel Helpers

Healing Harmony

Liquid Mind--Peaceful, soothing and relaxing

Liquid Mind 111-Balance

Robin Miller--Beautiful & moving-synthesizer

From My Heart

Karma Moffett--Tibetan bowls and bells

Golden Bowls of Compassion

Carlos Nakai-- Native American flute

Migration, with Peter Kater

Canyon Trilogy

Inside Canyon de Chelly, with Paul Horn

Desert Dance

Terry Oldfield--Reiki music with an eastern flair..wonderful

Reiki Harmony

Jim Oliver--Melodic and peaceful

Harmonic Resonance

Craig Pruess and Ananda—Sacred Chanting..Hauting and Beautiful

Mother Divine/ 108 Sacred Names

Steve Roach--Very rich, powerful, Dreamy and great for inward journeys

Dreamtime Return

Desert Solitaire, with Kevin Braheny, and Michael Stearns

Kiva, with Michael Stearns- Ron Sunsinger


Jonn Serrie--Space music Extraordinaire, passionate, deep, dreamy

And The Stars Go With You

Planetary Chronicles Volume 1

Planetary Chronicles Volume 2


Midsummer Century



Hidden Worlds, with Gary Stroutsos

Lumia Nights

Sequentia-- The sacred chants and prayers of a Mystic

Canticles of Ecstasy-Hildegard von Bingen

Joanne Shenandoah--Native American vocals..very beautiful

Lifeblood, with Peter Kater

Valley of the Sun/Robert Slap--The sound of OM

The Eternal OM

Hilary Stagg--Beautiful, peaceful Harp music

The Edge of Forever


The Sydha Foundation-- The eastern instrument Tamboura, and thats all



One Hand Clapping--Tibetan Bells with Environmental Sounds

Deborah Van Dyke--wonderful moving collection of sacred chants

Traveling the Sacred Sound Current

Weave--Music for reiki..excellent

Cho Ku Rei 

Om sanctuary--Valley of the Sun Publishing