Dreamtime Inspirations

These are "mantras" and/or messages that have been revealed to me in the sleeping dreamtime over the past few years. I will be adding to the compilation on this page as I receive them. Enjoy...



The Heart That Is Anchored in Divine Love Cannot be Dislodged by the Storms Of Life



In This Perfect Moment--I AM all that I AM



Truth Weaves Its Golden Thread Throughout The Tapestry Of Inner Wisdom



Peace Is The Soundless Invisible Essence Of All Movement



The Significance Of Any Life Changing Moment Exists Solely Within Ones Own Capacity To Recognize Its Value



The Easiest Path To Walk Is The One You Are already On



Love Is

Love Is A

Love Is A Four Letter Word

Love Is A For Word

Love Is A

Love Is



Do Not Be Afraid, For As You Are Loved By one,

You Are Loved By The ONE


The Mystery and Vastness of what truly IS, far surpasses what we THINK we know




Dreams and /Or Messages

 February 12,2000

Finally it feels like the right time to describe the ascension dream I had a few weeks ago, on January20/21st, the night of the eclipse.

As the dream began, I was in a building that was a very busy place, with people coming and going, all very purposeful. I was on the second floor, and the area I was in, was a sort of landing, where I could look down at the front entrance to the building. It felt as if it was a healing facility of some sort. The area I was in was a type of break room and had a small refrigerator, and a microwave with a few chairs and a table. On the wall was a beautiful painting of an elephant.


I was there, taking a break from my job, whatever that was, and there were 4 other people there as well. Suddenly a man next to me stood up and proclaimed, "Look! Did anyone see that?" No one else except me seemed to even hear what he said and within seconds I saw what he did. As I looked as well at the painting of the elephant, I saw, that on each of its legs was a golden band of light, appearing near the foot. Within each band was a symbol that I can only describe as looking like the letter N. The energy coming from this was exquisite and it glowed and refracted and was mesmerizing. We both moved closer, and suddenly something else caught my eye: A sparkling light near the microwave, which was to our right. I reached for a piece of paper that was on top of the microwave and we both looked at it. It was already sparkling with all sorts of golden symbols, flashing very fast, and changing rapidly as if a very specific code was being released. We both watched in awe, and really were oblivious to the others in the little area by now.

And suddenly, I felt an energy surge that I cannot describe except to say it was the best thing I have ever felt. I cannot say if I went into it or it came into me, but it was a major vibration, and suddenly, I knew something powerful had just happened. The paper now stopped glowing, and I dropped it, and looked around and he and I were the only ones now in the small room. As I stood there, grasping what had just occurred, I suddenly KNEW that I had just experienced ascension. I just KNEW that I was in a different dimension than I had been before, and all the other people were wherever they were supposed to be and that it was perfectly OK. I KNEW that to them I just had never existed, so that there was no pain or freaking out going on anywhere. The man was still standing next to me, and we stood there looking at each other, eyes wide, looking at our bodies, and touching them, and then we started to laugh, for we both knew what had happened.


I looked down at the entrance and now, there were only a few people there, all going through what he and I were. They were looking around as well and saw us on the landing and everyone was laughing from pure joy. And the many people that had been there were now just gone. The most profound thing was the ABSOLUTE KNOWING of the PERFECTNESS of what had just occurred. And the complete KNOWING of what I had just experienced. I knew I was in a "dream", but wondered if indeed I had just ascended in "real life". Suddenly I was filled with the desire to see who of my family and friends had come through as well. And the same urge seemed to fill everyone as well, and we all took off, looking for people that we knew.

I found my older brother, and he was so happy as well to find me, and then he said he was going to look for another friend of ours, so off he went. As I was walking or somehow moving very effortlessly up the hall, I found a very dear friend, and we hugged and hugged, and were so happy. And then we continued on together. As we rounded a corner, I saw my younger brother, and he looked like a hologram, and he was speaking and very confused. His voice sounded like it was running through some sort of a metallic decoder. I knew he was in between dimensions and I instantly knew what to do. I had my friend and I each take one of his hands and we called the light into our bodies, and as we invoked the light, it generated from us, in a profound way. We watched as it poured into his body through our hands, and within seconds he was completely there with us. And with that, I "woke up".

I lay there, vibrating with a powerful energy that I have never felt before, and smiling and looking around my bedroom. I called in my guidance, for I wanted some info! And I didn't even have to finish the call for they were all around me. They told me that Yes, I had just experienced ascension in the dreamtime, and that what I experienced is just what it will be like when we ascend fully in the physical. They said that I ascended to one of the higher overtones of the fourth dimension, but that when the "others" and I physically ascend everyone will ascend to the fifth and higher dimensions.

Well, I could not even move, for I was still so filled with a light and a vibration, and I had tears in my eyes, for the love, the happiness, and the perfectness is hard to describe. They went on to tell me that they wanted me to share this experience with as many as possible to help prepare us all for the actual ascension. And what I can share with all that may read this, is that it is so beautiful, and so quick, without any fear or pain or discomfort. And every energetic trace of third dimensional life was not even available as a memory. Yes, there were still objects around, but they all glowed with an Inner Light, that I know I see now, but only on occasion. And everyone's body was glowing and just seemed lighter in appearance, and as I moved I felt almost weightless yet still within a form of some sort. It was wonderful, simply wonderful.

It has taken me a couple weeks to digest this experience (which I am still doing, or rather being!) and be able to put it into words. And once again I am humbled and awed at the magnificence of who we are, and the constant support that is always there for us. We are all coming closer and closer to the moment when we will totally embody ALL THAT IS. As we all continue with the healing process, let us remember to bring light and love consciously into every experience we may be having know these are challenging days, I am "in it" too, so to speak, but we do have each other. We are not alone. And even though we may be scattered around the globe and may never meet face to face, we are joined together by our hearts intention, and always by the love that is LIGHT. And while this was just a "dream", we are slipping in and out of dreams all the time aren't we!



A dream--I was in a diner, filled with people at every booth. No one was eating, or talking. Just quiet sitting, some with their hands on the empty table..some with their hands in their lap. No one was looking at anyone else, just staring as if they were each in some sort of cubicle, unaware that they were sitting either next to or across from another person. As I observed this a tall woman in a robe came to me and I asked her about what I was observing. She said "These people are waiting".

I said "Waiting for what"?

Her reply was--"Whatever it is they are waiting for. This is their version of how they wait- There is enough space for every dream to be fulfilled"



Sharing a dream….

On Wednesday night, April 9th, 2003, I experienced this amazing dream. I was outside under a hot sun, watching a large amount of military troops marching in formation, and they were leaving the area I was in. Dust was kicked up and swirling in the air everywhere as they marched in unison. Their uniforms were the color of sand and I saw no faces.

The next thing I knew I was standing inside a huge building with marble floors and walls. It was vacant and I saw no one..until ..from my right I felt someone approaching and a man was walking forlornly towards me. I stayed still allowing him to come to me at his own pace and I soon saw it was Saddam Hussein. His face was brilliant with light and he appeared to be about 25 years old. His facial and body expression was sad, and on the verge of tears. He came to me sheepishly and I reached my hands to him, which he did accept and we stood face to face ..holding hands.

For a few minutes neither one of us spoke, and then I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was afraid that he didn't do a good job--that he had not played his part well and messed everything up. I assured him that indeed he had played his part just the way he intended to and that he DID help to change the world. His eyes brightened a little and I continued to send him love and reassure him that everything was perfect and he played an important role and he should be happy with his life here in earth.

I saw his facial expression gradually change from one of great sadness to one of peace. I knew that the Saddam standing in front of me was gaining his own understanding of the larger picture and coming into an acceptance for himself, of himself and the truth. He was releasing the outer mask that he as spirit had worn. And as he did, the light shone from his face even brighter, his shoulders straightened and his head and body came into a new alignment.

And with a smile and a hug, he released my hands and turned and walked on through the hallway, but now with a much lighter step.

As I woke from this, I wondered if Saddam had died, or was about to, and somehow I was assisting him..or was this a metaphoric dream of my /our own inner Saddam, understanding from a larger perspective what is occurring…

Something for each of us to reflect on, for ourselves, in our own way.