Blessings Of Love To

Our Ancestors and Future Generations

Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon




This site is dedicated to all who live on this Great and beautiful Earth, for we are all united within the same energy. To Every-One, that reads these words, you have contributed in your own special way, to that which has been and continues to be my earth life. You and I are no different, and our Transformation, our Remembering of who we are, individually, and as a group, is magical. Thank you for BE-ING here, with me. I share love with you all, for in truth there is no separation as we are ONE in the Light of the Christ.


The intent of this web site is to share the blessings that I have received and I share them from my heart to yours. Please use your own discernment as always...take in what is truth for you and let the rest pass on...



I wish to thank All Divine Aspects of the Christ Consciousness, including the Great Saints, Sages, Yogis and Holy People, from every walk of life on Earth--the Angels, the Archangels, the Indigenous Wisdom keepers in every reality and all of my personal guides and teachers, for their continual support and assistance throughout my life.

Eternal Blessings and Gratitude to Paramhamsa Yogananda, Paramhamsa Hariharananda, Yogi Sarveshwarananda, Paramhamsa Prajnanananda , Ramana Marshi, Vivikinanda, Ramakrishna, Anandamayi Ma,  and Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.



My heart is filled with the energies of so many that have touched my life. To all of my friends, scattered around this earth, I bow to the magnificence of you.

To my family, who have honored me with your love, you have assisted, delighted, surprised and supported me. Thank you, each of you, for sharing your heart, your selves. You are truly a Divine Blessing.


I send thanks to ALL the musicians of this world, that have enriched my life in so many ways, touched my heart, and continue to assist me every step of the way, through the colors and vibrations of sound.

To those I love, who are now in spirit, you remain a part of what my life is and has been, and I send you much love. To all of my ancestors, all of my relations, I thank you for your guidance and protection.



I claim the universal copyright for any and all material presented here on this site, unless credit is otherwise stated. Please feel free to share, but please do not post on any other site, or print in any publication without first contacting me for permission.

Thank you

Christine Bearse



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