Posted 12-12-06


I visited with My Higher self, shortly after my second near-death experience in 2003 and asked her to share information or knowledge with me, at that time, about death etc.. I recently re-discovered the notes I took then, of that conversation, and while preparing to share this with all of you, she added a few more words.


C-Can you share with me the purpose or reason(s) of my recent experiences? I have done much shamanic work, as you know, which at its core, is about consciously traveling to other realms of existence. But this was something completely different, not just because I KNEW I had left the body completely, but because my life /body functions had ceased, for a time.

HS- To demonstrate, once again, that death is merely a state of consciousness.

C-Ok, very powerful….Can you tell me 'where I went' or why I don't remember what happened to me when I "technically" died, because I KNOW something happened. I have been feeling or sensing this 'something' energy ever since it happened. Its very hard to describe.

HS- As you are re-aligning, re-assembling, re-configuring from this experience, your mind is currently sifting through its own perceptions of states of consciousness, and embedded in some of those, are certain belief systems and when those have all been understood, then you will remember what happened. You really didn’t go just were in a different state of consciousness.

C-Ok, so when one leaves the body and "dies", either temporarily or permanently…Why do we do that?


C-So it seems the same could be said of taking birth in a body as well. Is Be-ing then, a state of Enlightenment and/or a step on the way to Enlightenment?


C-Is Enlightenment a state of consciousness in which you detach or dissolve the body consciousness completely?

HS- In a manner of speaking, it is..for remember that the body itself, is energy, and can be expressed in any number of ways, according to the state of consciousness or dimension that soul chooses to express within.

C-So when we die and completely leave the body we were "in" here on the earth plane, is that body for all intents and purposes dead?

HS-Yes and no…the body itself decays and dissolves from the physical plane over time, but the energetic imprint is still very much alive. That is why even though someone may have passed from the state of consciousness that you see in a photograph, the photograph still very much resonates with the energy or the souls energy or that state of enlightenment that was attained while living or inhabiting the body. If there were actual photographs of Buddha and Jesus( and others), one would feel and receive transformative energies simply from viewing the photo.

C-I like that..thank you, for it speaks to my joy of having photos of certain teachers/Gurus, where I can see them every day. On another note, Why are you present in my awareness now, tonight, in this moment?

HS-When "I" entered your awareness years ago, a foundation was set and certain energies or states of consciousness were awakened within your cells and mind, and the place beyond mind. Now it is time for a "greater" state of consciousness to be fully developed. YOU, who are here in the body now, are not the same state of consciousness that was, those years ago.

C-Yes I can certainly attest to that….And you, as my Higher Self, are you now in a different state of Consciousness as well?

HS-Yes and yet no, for while I am an aspect of the Divine, I Am Always Constant, and as well am a reflection and participant in the Flow of Creation..the same as you. And as you, who are there in the body, so to say, are an aspect of ME, my state of Consciousness and yours are one and the same.

C-I am feeling emotions stir and a wonderful flow of energy with the words you have just imparted.

HS-Yes, we feel and we feel, and within FEELING is a doorway to awareness of self, that cannot be compounded or expressed any other way. For feeling is a sense of humanness that actually is meant to be, and will be, transcended, into a higher expression of SELF. Human feeling is ultimately perception, and the path of perception leads to truth being realized. So Self realization is to put it simply, a state of perception.

C-Are states of perception the same as states of consciousness?

HS-Perception is a view, or a realization on a deep internal level, a knowing that sometimes cannot be placed into words. A state of consciousness is the direct experience of the perception or realization. So they are both inter linked with each other and cannot be separated for they are as the seed of the apple and the apple cannot exist without the cannot come into a state of being without the other. Which came first the chicken or the egg?…Neither…the chicken and the egg were both equally existing within their own states of consciousness and in knowing what they are, knew they were joined in purpose.

C-Somewhere along the way in this life, I remembered who I Am, as have others. And when we have had this remembrance, all we want to do is transcend or merge even more with the Divine. And of course that merge or transcendence already exists. Why then does the state of enlightenment, or ascension, seem so elusive and something to be attained, when in truth we have already attained that awareness, and are simply remembering that?

HS- The consciousness that is called the third dimension, is a state of awareness that focuses on levels of Gods creation that are by its nature, denser or thick or slower. And even when you are consciously aware, that you truly have already attained Enlightenment, the experience at hand, is to concentrate that awareness into every moment that you exist in the third dimension.

For you see, Enlightenment, Oneness, is not an experiential aware state that stops or ends. It is constant, yes, in that the human mind doesn't live or play within that awareness, And it is also a state of continual growth. One who incarnates into this third dimension and remembers and embodies the awareness of Enlightenment, does so because they have attained Enlightenment in previous lives, other realms, and/or because they KNOW that it is their deepest inner goal.

The inspired "ideas" of music, literature, art and so on, originate from within the enlightened ideas and states of being that are already known by the individual, because they have already expressed and experienced them in other realms of being. The individual then expresses those states/ideas within the third dimension.

Merging with the Divine, is the natural flow of everyone's true nature, and it is something that is within anyone's reach and not an elusive goal. It is an innate purpose, whether or not one is ever consciously aware of this. For some, it takes much 'time' to realize this goal and purpose, while they are in this dimension of 'time' awareness.

Divine love KNOWS every way to BE, in whatever state of consciousness it exists.

Just as we ARE Divine love, so we too find the ways to BE that.

Achieving enlightenment in any "life" is merely one glorious experience within millions. Knowing who you are is a constant continual experience.

C- I was recently reading about the concept or energy of Desire, in a book by Muktananda. I would appreciate your "thoughts" on this…Is Desire a state to be ignored or denied, or to be accepted as a human trait, an aspect of ego, to be realized and then once realized, to watch fade away?

HS-Desire for anything, is merely another way of the personality trying to find its way to its own pure state of being, which is why every desire must and will be fulfilled. Even the desire to have no desire, must be fulfilled. Desire, sometimes is perceived from within a negative context. It is a necessary step, for the desire for anything, is movement on the path towards the ultimate goal. And whether the desire is for a physical object or merging with the Divine, once desire is understood, it then simply no longer exists in the mind ...For one realizes that that which they desire, already is.

C-Thank you so much for these words and energies. You have touched, once again, my SELF.

HS-You are very welcome--please KNOW I AM here for you and with you always.