Invokes Butterfly Medicine



††††††††† I am Butterfly Woman.I am a keeper of the Pathways of Change.This law of our Holy Mother guides all aspects of change.Therefore, this principle is very active.It is the guidepost for that movement which we call Life.Life is ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-expressing.If you were to look within the very movements of the Elements, you would see this pattern known as Universal Law of Change. 

††††††††† I am here to speak of how to accelerate transformation.For the Butterfly walks the Medicine Wheel in the Four Directions, having four stages of life. 

††††††††† Great Spirit sends forth life.Mother Earth provides a little world for this life to grow.We call this life the egg.And within the egg the individual gestates and internalizes their purpose for being, visioning who they are and why.This is the first stage of life, the first stage of transformation.This is why the Medicine Path first sends the individual to first be with themself and Spirit, to be in this egg of centering. 

††††††††† It is a womb of nourishment, protection for the nourishment needed is already there; for the Universe takes care of all of its own.With great excitement the being moves from this direction of the East to the South, going forth as that caterpillar to experience life, new concepts; to become more through living life out loud with vigor in the strength of the self, to experience Love, to experience the innocent nature, to experience Truth in the world, and ingest the blessings of the Tree of Life. 

††††††††† This step upon the wheel tends to be a longer one.For there is much to digest in order to understand that vision, that purpose discovered in the East. 

††††††††† When the vision of Life unfolds and enough experiences have become one with you, it is time for the West, time to go within that cocoon, to go within that cave, as the Bear would teach.Look within to unfold experiences of Life, feel the warmth of the Mother again held within this Cosmic womb, reflect in the Mirror of Self, discover the Love within the Sacred Silence and shift within to prepare for the Great Day of Healing.For only within the protection of the Motherís heart can the wings of Spirit grow, can the spiritual abilities mature.In the West as in the East, the cocoon unfolds transformation as the egg unfolds Life.Those experiences of the South are finally understood, within, without, and in relation to the Silent Universe. 

††††††††† And at some moment when praying, the Dawn opens again, the inner fires burst forth, the cocoon parts, and, as if walking out of your own skin, as if dropping your robe, you step into the North a new being.Itís stepping into the airs of True Reality, stepping into the Wisdom of the Grandfathers. 

††††††††† Patience is necessary to dry the wings before flight, to receive that healing and complete integration.Then, on a crisp, sunny morning the Spirit will call, the wings will unfold, the wheel will have been walked, Life will have evolved and flight to new service with the nectars of Life is yours. 

††††††††† In this place called the Spirit Door, you dwell in the Service with the Spirits of the Holy Breath.This is the promise of the Butterfly Medicine.This is the cycle of transformation that Butterfly Medicine brings. 

††††††††† Within the course of human unfoldment, human beings must walk this path through the Rainbow, through the Seven Mountains of Self, walking this Wheel of Transformation.This means seven lifetimes, seven realities, seven bodies or physical forms.Yet, through the gift of our Holy Mother of this Universal Law, through the gift of the Butterfly Medicine which is instantly invoked, this transformation is accelerated to great capacities.Within a Moon Cycle, a dedicated being can complete one of these Sacred Mountains of Self.Within a year, the Medicine of the Butterfly is anchored and complete, a full cycle in rhythm with Mother Earthís seasons. 

††††††††† The Holy Ones through our Medicine could transform a being in a single day. 

††††††††† So before invoking this Medicine of personal transformation, call upon this Sacred Law, go and pray together with the Spirits that guide you, understand and choose the cycle of your unfolding, be it a day, be it a week, be it a Moon, or be it a year.For one trip around this wheel, Great Mystery Mother grants blessing to the human beings.For this change is a graceful one, an accelerated path. 

††††††††† Choose it, embrace it, become it, enjoy it. 

††††††††† Always walk this Path of the Butterfly in sincerity and Butterfly Woman will be there to watch, to protect, and to teach.

Chief Golden Eagle
Mitakuye Oyasin
Sungdeska Sapa Itancan