The Simple Truth


The open plains and the campfires still exist, but not as much as yesterday. The clean water and the abundance of fish still exist, but not as much as yesterday. The Buffalo still walk the earth, but not as much as yesterday. And Humans still exist, but not as much as yesterday.


The warmth of the fire, the feel of the clean air, the laughter shared with friends are all simple things. And simple things are fast disappearing. The evolution of hearts and minds is fast, and where fast is, some confusion may exist. As the old ways of truth, inner truth, become stomped on by the progression of "technology", humans have lost their way. Most walk now in the deep woods of darkness and despair, with no clear patch of sky showing through the denseness of the tall trees of technology.

The roots of technology had their beginning when one man decided that he knew better- better than everyone else and better than himself.

There is a concept that has arisen in the human mind that more and more, means more and more, which leads to more and more, and all that is good. But more and more of what? More ways to plug in the toaster, more ways to clean your clothes, more ways to add 2+2, do not add up to happiness. They simply distract you from yourself, where all the true wealth lives. Yes these things add outer luxuries and comforts to your life, and even some excitement at times.

But the glamour and the pretty lights do not comfort you in times of distress of crisis. They are empty and shallow and have no real meaning. They bring you more and more of that, all the time. You are surrounded always in your outer world by more and more, better, newer and improved. Which means that that which was and is created by the human mind, is never enough, is never good enough..correct??? And apparently never will be, so the human mind wants to keep creating more and more to be seemingly better and better.

So why do you want to engage with energies or creations that in truth are constantly less than or flawed or outdated the minute you use them one time? I will tell you why so that you may understand. As the human mind has been so engaged with the outer world, and moved away from the inner truth, your greatness and beauty has been forgotten. Your feeling of self in the eyes of God, whatever God you embrace, is that you are always lacking. And the God that you feel is looking upon you this way is the God that is outside of yourself. It is easier to believe that you have to improve than to know that you already have all the answers. The search seems to be the purpose of life, and without the search, what else is there?



That illusion or sense of reality is, because you are living in a physical body and the third dimension. This dimension is so basic, that you forget the vastness of your true self. You poured your essence into a container and because you felt cramped, you decided that in order to be comfortable in it, you would have to discard the excess, or what you felt would not fit at all, and would most likely just make you feel even more uncomfortable. That is the illusion created by the physical world.

The purpose of life in this current dimension is not to learn anything, or endure lessons or teachings. It is to live all of yourself, love all of yourself, remember all of yourself, and sit by the fire with your friends as you share love.

You poured your essence into a container that you created, to have the experience of feeling contained in order to realize that you never were contained at all. In this remembering, you, as God, are expanding and creating.

You, as the God within, know that you are perfect and all is well. This is the simple truth that is so simple. In this knowing and living, there is no need for more and more, for ALL is always there.

The circle, the teachings, the truth, is returning. Slowly but steadily within the awareness of all, new and improved on every level of life is being replaced. The buried treasure is being dusted off, the wisdom and connection with your true heritage is returning to life. That which was once regarded as excess or not needed is being re-membered as that which is vital.

The stars, your family, your essence, all revolve within your heart just as the earth revolves around the sun. The sacred ways of the old ones, the ancients, were remembered directly from the wisdom of the stars, for they survived and lived in unison with nature and Gods world. Not mans world. These ancient ones have not left this earth. They live on AS all of you, WITHIN all of you. Harmony and Peace will once more be the outer circle encompassing all, as everyone finds their seat in the circle around the sacred fire of truth.

As everyone wears their robes of wisdom all will be listened to and all will be respected.

Drop the outer fabrics and coverings of all the distractions that hide the simple truth with lights and colors that entice and delight the outer senses. Turn the other way and follow your heart. Walk as an elder upon this earth, and know that there is nothing else to know or learn from anyone.

Be quiet, be in peace and with this, you are creating and living the energy of the stars. The distractions of this world are what is being shaken off by the earthstar as she groans and heaves, as the cloud people cry, and the wind blows and the fire raises itself high. All that is, is with you, helping.

Listen to the winged ones, the insects and the four legged. Learn from the ones that swim in the seas and the waters, for they have never been distracted. They can guide you if you simply pay attention.

Come and sit with me by the fire and feel yourself being comfortable and true. It is your nature. Let yourself feel all of yourself. In your inner vision, what animal or living being of nature comes to sit with you in this moment? Embrace this gift to your heart.


The spirit of love that is named White Buffalo Calf Woman