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Ascension/Personal Sites

www.nvisible.com Web Site for Solara

www.thequantumawakening.com Gillian Macbeth-Louthan/Spiritual Teacher/Counselor

http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/index.htm The Isis Connection

http://earthstar.tripod.com The Star Beacon-Ann Ulrich

www.ronnastar.com Ronna Herman-AA Michael Messenger

www.churchofthegoldenage.org In Sedona AZ

www.tomkenyon.com Founder of Acoustic Brain research and much more

http://www.omplace.com Conscious Living info and much more

www.namaste-wi.com Rev. Kari Chapman-A spiritual education organization of mystical teachings specializing in walk-ins and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

www.marcyroban.com Metaphysical and Holistic education Services

www.violetearth.org.au Michael King-Australia-The Violet Earth Academy

www.bryandeflores.com Bryan De Flores-The Academy of Intergalactic Science and Wisdom

www.joanocean.com Joan Ocean-Dolphin Connection

www.nyakonakar.com Beautiful Computer Graphics

www.lightandlife.com An exploration of the Spiritual Universe. Light and Life PDF Magazines and Library. Urantia papers, spiritual news and phenomena, love-centered altruism, Stillness-centered Religion

www.viser.net/~charking Charlotte King-Pioneer of Biological Earthquake Prediction

www.spiritofra.com Anchoring the Light of the Great Central Sun

www.maitreya-edu.org Teachings and Messages from the Spiritual realm

www.disclosureproject.org Steve Greer-CSETI

www.ascendedmaster.org Ascended Masters-Mt Shasta Ca

www.unknowncountry.com Whitley Streiber-Daily news of the edge

www.artsedona.net Celeste-Visionary Artist Extra-ordinaire

www.amorahquanyin.com Amorah Quan Yin-Pleaidian Lightworker/teacher/Author

www.sanctuaryofthebeloved.com Daniel Chesbro- The Order of Melchizedek

www.shareintl.org Benjamin Crème/Teachings of Maitreya

www.crimsoncircle.com The Classroom of the New Spiritual Energy

www.reconnections.net Daniel Jacobs-Studies in Personal Alchemy

www.wingmakers.com The Ancient Arrow Project

www.soulgraffiti.com Professional Services--Promoting Conscious Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

www.heavenherenow.com Art, Music and Gifts from Heaven on Earth

www.chetsnow.com Chet Snow-Crop Circle investigator-power journeys to Sacred Sites

www.lightascension.com Wonderful site- Assists Personal and Planetary Ascension

www.lightspeak.com Leiah Bowden- Transformational Arts

www.whatsuponplanetearth.com Karen Bishop-Your Latest Energy Alert About Human and Planetary Evolution

www.limitlessness.com Homesite of 'The Messiah Seed'. The light to follow is the light in yourself. You are your own Messiah! Free printable sampler eBook available for download!

www.castinglots.com A Divination tool--An Oracle of the Holy Spirit

www.animalenergy.com Animal Intuitive Lynn McKenzie

www.mysticalhawaii.com Pila of Hawaii

www.keysofenoch.org The Academy of Future Science

www.eceti.org James Gilliland-Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

www.evbooks.net Josef Graf-Earth Vision-Spiritual Ecology-Exploring Nature & Soul

www.starchildglobal.com Celia Fenn-The new earth rises

www.handclow2012.com Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow/ Journeys Through Nine Dimensions

www.missionignition.net "Know the Unknown-Experience the Un-experienced"

www.michaelmoore.com Web site of film maker Michael Moore 

www.kingdomofone.com"Kingdom of One"

www.theheartscenter.org "It all begins in our heart"

www.HeavenOnEarthInternational.com Conscious Ascension Now-Hallmark for the new Matrix of Life

www.alienbluestar.com Web Site of Miriam Delicado-Alien Contactee     

www.divinecosmos.com Web site of David Wilcock 

www.belzebuub.com/The Journey to Enlightenment    

www.starpriestess.com/Allison Rae-Astrologer and much more  

www.cascadinglights.com/Kally Khallilian-Magical workings for a World Becoming New

www.crystalinks.com/Metaphysics and Science Website

www.archangelmichael.com.au/Archangel Michael and The Angelic Realm

www.ascension101.com Inelia Benz-Personal & Global Ascension

www.recordsofcreation.com Judith K. Moore-An Oracle for the records of Creation





http://earthquake.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.html Continuous Earthquake Information

www.cropcircleresearch.com Scientific research Into Earth's Mysteries

www.cropcircleconnector.com Vast amount of info about Crop Circles

www.wholehealthexpo.com Holistic expo's

www.sacredbritain.com Transformational journeys to Britain

http://yellowribbon.org Suicide Prevention site

www.fourwinds10.com Bringing Truth to the Four Winds of Earth-Shan

www.alienshift.com Vast site with lots of interesting info!!!

www.kabbalah.info Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies--

Description: kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ

www.thinkunity.com Christian Mysticism

www.projectcamelot.org “our purpose –A vehicle for researchers and whistle-Blowers to get their stories out”  

Inspirationalforwomen.com An inspirational Blog for women-Find Poems and inspirational quotes for women.



Healers/Healing Modalities

www.intuitiveinspiration.com "Katrice Balmer is a Healer/Writer/Intuitive Guide offering Soul Essence Readings, Vibrational Alignments and Group and Individual Meditations in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The purpose of her site is to assist and inspire others in connecting to their Highest Self, re-awakening a passion and joy for Life."

www.chakraworld.net Functional Chakra Colour Self-Healing Products. Beautifully-made, three unique, functional Chakra Unblocking colour energy products are now available. They make a wonderful get-well healing inspired gift. Universal love & Education for All your Family

www.barbarabrennan.com Barbara Brennan-Energy Healer/Educator/Author

www.kofutu.com Kofutu touch healing is the systematic use of higher consciousness energy symbols for the purpose of self-development and spiritual healing. Kofutu Touch Healing by Frank Homan Sunlight Publ., Philadelphia, PA (1986)

www.wisdomoftheearth.com Medicinal grade Aromatherapy essences-Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit-Naturally




www.worldpuja.org World Peace Organization-Live Broadcasts

www.constancedemby.com The Blessed Music of Constance Demby

www.goodworksonearth.org Star Art-The Art and Science of the Lexigram

www.lighttechnology.com Light Technology Publishing publishes "Sedona Journal Of Emergence!" and Books of Light that give our readers guidance and Benevolent -Magic Techniques to move them safely through these tumultuos times

www.newagetribune.org An On-line News Portal for Universal Consciousness-Michael King

www.aniwilliams.com Songaia Music

www.jeanlucbozzoli.com Visionary Artist of Inner worlds

www.mtshastamagazine.com Mt. Shasta Magazine

www.michaelhammer.com Wonderful Inter-dimensional music of Michael Hammer

www.coasttocoastam.com George Noory- Radio Personality-Exploring the strange and unusual

www.redrocknews.com Local Sedona AZ newspaper

www.fourcornersmagazine.com Serving the progressive communities of the Southwest

www.sedonacreativelife.com Programs that enrich the human heart and soul

www.ufomag.com web site for UFO magazine

www.paradigmshift.info Spiritual publication from England

www.kealiireichel.com Kealii Reichel- music from Hawaii

www.thousandstar.com Jonn Serrie's wonderful "space" music

www.robinmillermusic.com The Beautiful Angelic music of Robin Miller

www.bearcloudgallery.com Visionary artwork of Rod "Bearcloud" Berry

www.snowlionpub.com Books on Buddhism and much more

www.iasos.com Realms of Celestial Music with Iasos

www.spiritcardcenter.com Beautiful, Spiritual e-cards to send!

www.angelsbysharae.com Intuitive Visionary Artist Sharae Taylor-Original Angel Paintings

www.astarius.com Didgeridoo Musician, Healer, Poet and Astrologer

www.masaru-emoto.net Messages from Water/ Masaru Emoto

www.ngomazworld.com Multi-Media performance Artist/Paradigm Shifter/Didgeridoo Healing Music

www.rasamusic.com Music is a note, the soul of which is RASA

www.onespirit.com Resources for Mind, Body and Spirit

www.heartsofspace.com Slow Music for fast times

http://www.telefonica.net/web2/humananimal Music devoted to the Lightworkers, Starseeds and the Ashtar Command

www.bbsradio.com Internet radio station-Removing Fear through Communication

www.artoffering.com An online gallery of artwork dedicated to Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi), the spiritual teacher and humanitarian.

www.worldviewzmedia.net Global Cultural Exchange 

www.kingbirdmusic.com Experience the Center of The Universe and Discover the Harmony Within/ Kelvin Mockingbird 

http://andrewforrest.co.nz/home Cinematic Ambient Soundscapes of Deep Space



www.star-knowledge.net Web site of Chief Golden Eagle

http://www.grandmachandra.com/ Grandma Chandra is an Omni-Dimensional being who has created tools to help Humanity towards Ascension

http://www.malidoma.com/ Malidoma Some`- African Shaman/Teacher/ Healer

www.spiritwheel.com Teachings and Info on Native Prophesy, Sacred Geometry and more

www.shamanism.org The Foundation For Shamanic Studies-Michael Harner

www.floweringmountain.com Martin Prechtel-Mayan Shaman-Teachings Of the Flowering Mountain

www.miguelruiz.com Don Miguel Ruiz-Toltec Shaman/Teacher/Author

www.mayanmajix.com Ian Lungold-Mayan Calendar teachings and much more

www.tribalink.org Luis Mejia-Media bridge for the ancient past and modern world

www.blueskywaters.com Jim PathFinder-Healing the Earth/Ourselves

www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/index.html Aluna Joy-Center of the sun-Mayan teachings

www.huna.org Serge King-Hawaiian Shaman/Teacher/Author

www.nancyredstar.com Nancy Red Star-Author

www.thefourwinds.com Alberto Villodo P.H.D. Shaman/Teacher/Author

www.sacredroad.org Organization for Mayan And Indigenous Spiritual Studies

www.grandmotherscouncil.com The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

www.intothelightinlove.com/Pertinent messages from Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Elders

www.nativesedona.com Sedona tours-Nativelands tours-Tshirts-Drums-Dreamcatchers



www.serpentsofwisdom.com The Kumara School Of Wisdom-Sedona, AZ

www.vitaminshoppe.com/Purchase Herbs, Supplements and more

www.gaia.com Earth Friendly products and services

www.sacredspaces.org Source Books and Ascension Supplies

www.crystalwings.com Crystal Shop and Bookstore-Mt.Shasta Ca

www.alchemicalmage.com Mail Order distributor of the Angelic Outreach Potions and more from the Book-What is Lightbody?

www.lythastudios.com Celtic/World Gifts and much more

www.edgarcayce.org Official site for Edgar Cayce Organization for Research and Enlightenment

www.sacredstonehealing.com Sacred Stone Healing Arts Institute

www.innertraditions.com Bear and Company books

www.crossingworlds.com Journeys and retreats in the Ancient Southwest

www.greatmystery.org The Prophets Conference

www.shamansmarket.com Wonderful location for Shamanic supplies of Peruvian/Andean Origin

www.reiki.org William Rand-The International Center for Reiki Training

www.avillion.org The Avillion Corporation-A non profit educational organization serving Nature, Humanity and Spirituality in very simple and Natural ways

www.sivanaspirit.com Cool stuff for Spiritual Living

www.internatural-alternative-health.com Natural products for Total Wellness

www.soundstrue.com Audio's, Books and Tools for the Inner Life




www.paoweb.com Sheldon Nidle-Planetary Activation Organization

www.nibiruancouncil.com Jelaila Starr-Serving the Worlds of the Galactic Federation

www.greggbraden.net Gregg Braden-Empowering Lives Through wisdom

www.chopra.com The Chopra Center

www.emissaryoflight.com James Twyman-Troubador of Peace

www.vanpraagh.com James Van Praagh personal site

www.mossdreams.com Robert Moss-Teacher/ Author/Dreamer

www.floweroflife.org Teachings Of Drunvalo Melchizedek

www.drunvalo.net Personal site of Drunvalo Melchizedek

www.kfa.org Krishnamurti Foundation of America

www.kryon.com Kryon Teachings and more

www.yogananda-srf.org Self-Realization Fellowship-Yogananda

www.kriya.org Website for Kriya Yoga information

www.amma.org AMMA/Ammachi ~US Ashram

www.Amritapuri.org Amma/Ammachi homepage and Ashram in India

www.angeltherapy.com Doreen Virtue

www.journey2theheart.com Ernesto Ortiz--Florida-A School with no walls 

www.reikidharma.com Frank Arjana Petter-Reiki Teacher-Author

www.dalailama.com His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

www.lawoftime.org Galactic time/Mayan calendar/Jose Arguelles



New England Area Listings

www.astrologybooth.com Astrology services by Janet Booth-Your Guide to Our Little Corner of the Universe-Ct

www.cosm.org Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors- Alex Gray-NY

www.reikibutterfly.com Michael Fuchs/Offering Reiki, T'ai Chi, Ch'i Kung Classes, workshops/training's and healing sessions~~meditation and much more-Newington Ct

www.theshamanspath.com Dr.Michael Verrilli-Osteopathic Physician and Shamanic Healer/Teacher~~Northampton Mass.

www.spectralvoices.com Jim Cole-Overtoning musical expressions-CT

www.anopendoor.com Metaphysical listings/classes/practitioners in CT

www.discountnewagebooks.com Great on-line source for books and more, as well as a retail location-CT

www.keshavhowe.com Keshav Howe-Shaman/Teacher/Healer/Counselor-CT

www.spiritpassages.com Evelyn C. Rysdyk, who is the author of Modern Shamanic Living and partner, C. Allie Knowlton LCSW, DCSW are internationally recognized presenters whose work is rooted in core shamanism and enriched with cultural practices they have learned from indigenous teachers from Siberia, the Andes and Central Asia. Their work has a strong emphasis on those practices which offer healing and enrichment to the lives of individuals and restoration to the Earth-Maine

www.wainwright.org Wainwright Institute -NY

www.kagyu.org Tibetan Buddhism-Woodstock NY

www.lilydaleassembly.com Lily Dale Assembly--Spiritualist Community and Center in Western New York

www.lavendermoon.com New Age Store in Sandwich, Mass

www.thewaytobalance.com Wholistic Center in Andover, Mass

www.nesa.edu New England School Of Acupuncture-Mass

www.myasc.org Astrological Society of Connecticut--Lectures and Workshops on Astrology and Metaphysics-Wethersfield, CT

www.iands.org International Association For Near ~ Death Studies, Inc.-CT

www.atlanticspice.com Wonderful site/store for herbs/teas and much more-Cape Cod, Mass

www.yogalifestyle.com Posters, clothing, jewelry and much more to support your Yoga practice and lifestyle -NY

www.woodfaeries.com A healing center that guides you to spiritual awareness and holistic health-Coventry, CT

www.childrenoflight.com Ron and Robert Baker/Archangel Gabriel-NY

www.ccmt.com Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy-Newington,CT

www.spiritofchange.org New England's Holistic Magazine since 1987

www.josephfirecrow.com Native American Flute Man-CT

http://www.newenglandschoolofmetaphysics.citymax.com/home.html Elaine Kuzmeskus M.S., Director CT

http://kalpullichaplin.com Tlakaelel is an amazing Tolteca-Chichimeca Elder and has traveled the world bringing an inspiring message of unity and peace to all peoples, as well as teaching us of the values of indigenous tradition and values- Chaplin CT

http://www.newingtonspiritualistchurch.org Spiritualist church in Newington CT 

www.unityhartford.org   Unity Church South Windsor, CT    

 www.meditationinconnecticut.org Odiyana Buddhist Center-South Windsor, CT

www.megsinspirations.com/An Inspirational and Spiritual boutique-Manchester, CT

www.ammanewengland.org Information and listings for AMMA’s children here in New England

www.theguildct.org Monthly metaphysical, spiritual, and holistic meetings for education and enjoyment -CT

www.consciousct.org East of the River Holistic Community – CT

www.pinegrovespiritualistcamp.net Spiritualist camp in Niantic CT/Programs are held every summer

www.barbarathreecrow.com Author, Artist, Healer & Ceremonial leader-Lakota Grandmother- Kingston, New York

www.powerofthedrum.com Facilitated Rhythm Events with Dennis Cotton-South Windsor, CT

www.kundaliniyogact.com Kundalini Yoga classes with Jasdeep Kaur-Glastonbury, CT

www.epllc.org Enlightened Professionals-Holistic Center offering a variety of spiritual programs and healers-Bloomfield, CT

www.wholelifewellnessshaman.com Marian Vitali-Wellness and Shamanic Services-CT

www.tibetanplaza.com Tibetan products and more-S.Deerfield, MA

www.nia-connecticut.com A Center for Healing-Self empowerment-Self realization Dayville, CT

www.circlesofwisdom.com A Metaphysical Bookstore & Resource Center-Andover,MA

www.bodytalkrochester.com A new Alternative & Complimentary Healthcare Paradigm-NY

www.gongtheplanet.com The Conduit-Experience Gongs and Tibetan Bowls-E.Htfd, CT

www.raysofhealinglight.com Nedda Wittels-Animal Communicator-Simsbury, CT

www.serenitygrovestudio.com/Offering Universal Life Force Energy & Balancing-Coventry. CT

www.sunray.org An International Spiritual Society Dedicated to Planetary Peace-Lincoln, VT

www.floweroflifeyoga.com Yoga classes-Reiki training/sessions-Coventry, CT

www.colinandrews.net Crop Circle researcher –Guilford, CT

http://fcdl-hartford.org/ Christian Spiritual church-Hartford,CT