A Moment of Awakening

There comes a time of change, so profound and so important, that it almost sweeps you completely off your feet. And in a way, it truly does just that. Within this flowing, I have allowed myself to be caught up in the most wonderful wind. It has lifted me up and twirled me around. My perception has been altered because I now sense things from a new place-within. I have been introduced to a path, so intense in its brightness of love and it is beckoning every aspect of who I AM.

The seashore was empty of people and so full of life. As I stood there, embracing the sounds of the water as it rolled in and out, I could feel myself rolling in and out as naturally as the waves. I inhaled the smell of clean and pure air and let it wash through and purify my physical being. I listened to the song of the gulls and watched their flight through and with the air. Air, filled with color and sound, caressed me, calmed me, soothed me and was so very welcome.

As I walked along and became One with all nature around me, I felt as if I was perhaps on my deathbed because I was inwardly seeing my whole life through crystal clear, non-judgmental eyes.

The shore is covered with many rocks and broken shells. The tide has now receded so far, that I can just see the line of sparkling diamonds that is the edge of the moving water. I begin walking away from the shore, setting foot in designed sand where only water flows. My footprints leave impressions that make me smile when I look at them.

The sand is alive with many small crabs and snails. The sea gulls are enjoying themselves. As I continue to walk towards the sun and the diamonds, my heart opens even more and I softly smile.

I am so content with this moment and myself. I have the courage to go where I have never been. To let the wind sweep through me, knowing that I will land safely, on the ground once again. Ground that has not yet been touched before with these feet, and yet was there, waiting for this time. Just like this ocean floor I now walk on.

The water rolled away and revealed to my eyes, the most wonderful path, full of waves, movement and life. As the water returns I see it cover my footsteps. And with a happy heart, I watched the blending of past, present and future and give myself a hug.



I recently was going through some old papers, and discovered this. I wrote it in 1990 and wanted to share it with myself once more, and with all of you. This was an experience I had, while walking along a beach in S. Wellfleet Mass~Cape Cod.