Sept 8, 2011


2012—Awaken to Your Galactic Heritage

Pleaidian and Sirian energies





Greetings to all who read these words and participate in the energies between the words. We, the Pleaidian and the Sirian energies, flow though this form as herself. There is no separation. There is no channeling.


Within 2012, prepare to remember YOUR own Galactic Heritage. It will be to whatever degree is appropriate for you and your life on Earth. You are here, living as human, but not human. You are here, being the star energies from other galaxies and planets. Most of you on Earth at this time are embodying aspects from planets and stars within the Milky Way galaxy, simply because it is more efficient and supportive not just to you, but for the greater good. Most of you have many traces of Galactic Heritage within your DNA, from multiple sources, but there will be 2 or 3 primary Home bases that you most likely will remember, for they are the focus of this embodiment.


The fall months of 2011 witnessed and participated in an energy shift of greater alignment with the Central Sun. The earth changes, some of which are and have been created by HAARP, are part and parcel of the larger plan. Truth is being revealed, as veils become thinner. Minds and hearts of humans and those housed in human forms are ALL being stimulated and enhanced for the gradual return to the truth, which of course is a process that has been underway intensely for the past 50-100 years of Earth time.




Many of you have been feeling disconnected and really don’t care much anymore about third dimension ideologies and functions. That will continue to grow as truth and inner revelation increase in the early months of 2012. It is hard to say what exactly will transpire in the last months of 2012, for so much is being written and as new lines of energy are woven into the Earth’s grid, even the next day is and can be an energy unknown in any given moment. And for our purpose, we are connecting with YOU through these words, to enlighten and support your earth walk.


You, who are remembering, are rewriting your own time lines that you chose to walk, during this current incarnation. And as a group, new fields of life and experience are being coded into the DNA of all. Some of you who know you are here from the “future” are deliberately here to rewrite timelines, although you may not be totally aware of this phenomenon. No matter, it happens, because you are here and embodied.


2011 has seen many waves of up and down, in and outs, storms and quiet.     Destruction and Creation ~ Through these times you have learned how to focus on inner self no matter what, even when all was being dissolved around you. The Galactic mind has been reassigning pathways of thought and feeling within the nucleus of your brain cells, dissolving pathways that no longer serve you or the greater good.


You are evolving into being the Intergalactic light that you are. Much of what happens in 2012 may not even affect you in terms of you really caring about it. That is part of the dissolution of the third dimension as you have been living it. The third dimension is dissolving away just as rain on a window distorts the view gently and easily. All becomes blurred into oneness and simplicity.


Now for some of course this will cause great stress and fear, as change tends to do. If fear arises, recognize it as the release of the old human based pathways, surfacing, to play and TRY and  “mess with you”. Its not real… anything real cannot be manipulated or destroyed by any means.


If you are not aware of your star heritage and wish to know more, it is simple to grasp. Just ask within and listen to what you hear or feel. That’s it- nothing complicated. If you have tried this in the past without success, it was only due to the level of energy that you were present with at the time and what the current flow on earth was at the time as well. In any moment variables are present, where one day the info is elusive and then the next, there it is. It had nothing to do with whether or not your were “doing” anything wrong or right. It’s all about the energy, which has been changing and mutating so rapidly in 2011.


We offer these words to you as an invocation from your heart to all the aspects of self, for clear remembrance and awakening to your Galactic Heritage:


I (state your birth name) now align my conscious awareness with the energies and light that will reveal to me, in perfect accordance, my Galactic Heritage. I now know all that I need, in this moment, to serve, and live fully. I give thanks to my star family, and all aspects of self.


You may invoke this as often as you wish, for what is perfect in the now moment will be revealed and as we all know, the now moment is fluid.


Due to the multi level of changes taking place and all that will transpire in 2012, the more you set your inner anchor on your entire being, which includes your Galactic Heritage, the more supported and centered you will feel. The alignments that are taking place, which affect all, are planetary energies aren’t they? And of course that includes Earth, the planet you now reside upon and with. Planetary and solar energies are aligning, and so shifting the dimensions to the 4th and higher frequencies of light and love.


Please call upon us, your Sirian and Pleaidian star family at any time for assistance. We are close in light ships all around the earth. You travel here to visit with us when you sleep and even for the brief periods of time when you nap as well. We have been supporting and updating you for a few years now. We have been, along with the Andromedan and other councils, making sure that inner galactic/human balance is maintained or established on an individual level as well as a planetary group level. Some of you may have gone through the waking state, feeling as if something happened during the night or you awaken with a fragment of a vision of being on a ship. This is all happening and will continue, during the latter months of 2011, into and beyond 2012.





There are 3 “stones” that will support your life in the next few years. They are Moldavite, Hematite and if possible a piece of a meteorite. The Hematite will serve to ground and stabilize you within the Physical form electro-magnetic grid that you inhabit. The Moldavite will serve to FEED and nurture your Galactic self as you live on Earth, especially during the year 2012. The Meteorite contains properties from SPACE, which will assist in your own awakening and remembrance as well as supply certain memories to all aspects of yourself, as you inhabit the physical form. These 3 stone will work together to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of all that you are.


Be at Peace, our family of light. The stars are your home, look upon them with Love and delight, knowing that while you may not actually see a ship, we are merely veiled. We, your star families, are there in the skies, watching, caring and surrounding you with love. Just remember…….2012…the year to remember YOUR Galactic Heritage.